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James Everett Dutschke Changes Plea…AGAIN

In the category of you just can’t make this stuff up, James Dutschke has once again made headlines in Mississippi. During what was to be his sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to sending ricin to the President, “Mr. Dutschke began proclaiming his innocence and that the wrong man is being prosecuted” according to WTVA.

The hearing took an even stranger turn when Dutschke was allowed to speak before U. S. District Court Judge Sharon Aycock was to pass down his sentence.

According to the Associated Press, Dutschke during a 30 minute speech accused the government of lying and stated that there was no ricin found and no DNA link to the mask found during a search conducted at Dutschke’s martial arts studio back in April of 2013. He went on to claim that the substance found was not poison and referred accusations back to Paul Kevin Curtis, the “original alleged suspect” in the case…. Continue reading

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James Everett Dutschke Takes Plea Deal

James Everett Dutschke, who was charged with sending Ricin laced letters to President Obama, Senator Wicker and Judge Sadie Holland, changed his plea to guilty according to the DJournal. This reversal came during a hearing on Friday, January 17th in U. S. District Court in Mississippi. Dutschke plead guilty to four counts: one count of making and possessing Ricin and three counts of mailing threatening letters containing Ricin. Continue reading

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New Indictment Against James E. Dutschke for Second Frame Attempt

A new indictment was issued by a Mississippi Federal Grand Jury against James E. Dutschke.  In a second attempt to further frame Paul Kevin Curtis.  This new twist is that Dutschke did this from his jail cell. From  WTVA:   Dutschke … Continue reading

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Kevin Curtis Files Lawsuit Against James Dutschke

On September 25, a lawsuit was filed in Alcorn County Circuit Court in Mississippi by Paul Kevin Curtis against James E. Dutschke. The lawsuit seeks damages in an amount to be determined by a jury citing, “Dutschke’s actions caused Curtis … Continue reading

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#Ricin Letters Update: James Dutschke Attorneys Withdraw from Case

Attorney’s for James Everett Dutschke have withdrawn from his case and further responsibility citing an unspecified conflict: “ … a conflict has become apparent with another client of this office which will require that a different attorney by appointed,” “The … Continue reading

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