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#DM7 Article: About That Vegas Shooting Spree…

This is a reposting of my DaTechGuy Article: About That Vegas Shooting Spree


By A.P. Dillon

Another case of Right wingers on a shooting spree. Or not. Continue reading

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Complaint Against WCPSS Has Blueprint NC Fingerprints

Yesterday, I noted that Al Jazeera had taken interest in the arrests of eight young people after a water balloon fight occurred at Enloe High School in Wake county. In the end, that article circled back to discuss that perhaps this would tie in to the racial discipline quota the Department of Justice was proposing as reported by The Daily Caller. I somehow missed the text of the complaint filed by the DOJ on Wednesday. It is an example of what the Daily Caller reported.

When I dug deeper, what I found was a youth group being taught how to protest that is supported by a who’s who of the Left in NC and with ties to Blueprint NC. Continue reading

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#DM7: Re: Oh THOSE Abuse Cases….

My latest went up at Da Tech Guy: Re: About Those Abuse Cases


On Monday, DaTechGuy wrote about the sexual abuse cases taking place in schools as highlighted by Stacy McCain:

Lately Stacy McCain has been doing a large series on sexual criminals. Yesterday he focused on Teachers

If you pay attention to the news, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that America’s public schools are staffed by sex-crazed perverts

It’s not his first dive into these waters but this time Glenn Reynolds linked with the line:

Obviously, we need to end mandatory celibacy and let high school teachers marry.

Now this is a story we’ve been covering for a while, but as we’ve also had a real bump in readership in 2013 & 2014 so for new readers at DaTechGuy Blog let me acquaint you with some stories we covered and & posts we did that you might have missed on this subject over the years:

The Guardian April 29th 2010 Continue reading

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The Morning Links (10/17/12)

Obama Tweets Photo of Himself with Life-Size Obama Cardboard Cutout

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Breitbart

LL 1885′s Picks:

Mr. Liberty live blogged the Hofstra debate.

Boom!: Mitt Romney banner hung on Willis Tower in CHICAGO
Chart of the day: The Housing Bottom and the Unemployment Rate
Hope and change Poll: 47 Percent Of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago
Pethokoukis: Joblessness data just don’t match up
Obamacare strikes gain: New limits on Flexible Spending Accounts coming Jan. 1
Out of control: EPA Offers New Round of ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants
Green Fail: Clean-energy Obama crony A123 announces debt default; Update: files for bankruptcy
Bailout Insanity: Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion
Fast and Furious: First Defendant Sentenced to Less than Five Years in Prison Related: Justice seeks dismissal of Fast & Furious suit
Obama’s DoJ: Holder refuses to answer Congressional inquiry about evidence in scuttled prosecutions of jihadist groups, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA in America’s largest terrorism financing trial Related: Court throws out conviction of bin Laden driver
Another EO: Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 and Additional Sanctions with respect to Iran
Vetting: Despite Obama’s 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987

Must Reads Of The Day:

Benghazi-Gate: Falling On Her Sword Edition

Election 2012:

2012 Debate Schedule

Sounds Like Romney Has Run Big Organizations Before. Oh, He Has….
Poll: Romney Opens Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties
Romney hits 50%, leads by 4 in PPP/Daily Kos national poll
Catholic bishops: Biden’s debate remark on contraception mandate not true
Elizabeth Warren’s credit card fundraising problem

Election 2012 Videos

Let’s Talk About Women
Look America In The Eye
Chinese Motors

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Obama Admin Considers ‘October Surprise’ Libya Attack
Great News: Arms to Syrian Rebels Going Mainly to Jihadists
Gitmo war court back in session minus 3 defendants
Video: Israeli Flags Are Now “Incitement” in Dearbornistan
Muslims going after Swiss Airline for CROSS: Swiss Airline Advertising offends Muslims

Wait, what?:

Missed this one on 9/11: Police motorcyclist in presidential motorcade dies after Florida accident
Appeals court: Town can restrict funeral protests Related: WBC idiots fail in NC
FLOTUS DOES HENNY YOUNGMAN: Michelle Obama Says ‘We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery’
Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth ( Gee, may the odds be ever in your favor?)
The Last Radicals

The New Tone & New Media:

Rudy Giuliani Asks Soledad O’Brien ‘Am I Debating With the President’s Campaign?’
Bill Maher Heckled by ‘Tonight Show’ Crowd for Saying Conservatives Want to Kill People They Disagree With
O’Reilly Factor Crashes Obama’s Hollywood Fundraiser

Occupy Whatever:

#OWS Occupy Jew-Hatred
Face-off in NYC: Occupy vs Tea Party
Occupy Wal-Mart?

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:



Continue reading

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The Morning Links (10/2/12)

Click Image for OBAMAPHONE LADY! Also try obama phone parody
Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Promises Made – Promises Broken
LL 1885′s Picks:

This is just the tip of the iceberg: Obama Admin Releases GITMO detainee Omar Khader To Canada Related: Obama waives sanctions on countries that use child soldiers
Obama built that: White House Hack Attack by China
Instapundit : ANOTHER STATE DEPARTMENT SCANDAL: An American lawyer named Warren Rothman was tortured and nearly killed in China…
Fast and Furious: Univision Breaks New Details of Obama Admin’s Fast and Furious Cover-Up Link with Video: Univision exposes Mexican massacre by the Cartel using guns from Fast and Furious
Original Occupier: As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office
Paul Ryan: Eric Holder must go over Fast and Furious
The Next Subprime Crisis Is Here: Over $120 Billion In Federal Student Loans In Default
Obamanomics: Real Unemployment Reaches 20% In 7 Colorado Counties
The real Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Soldiers file sexual abuse lawsuit in San Francisco against Leon Panetta, other top military brass

Must Reads Of The Day:

Mitt Romney: A New Course for the Middle East
Pentagon Blames ‘Friendly Fire’ Attacks on Culturally Insensitive Behavior By US Troops
Obama Brags About “Defeating” Al-Qaeda Same Day Top U.S. General In Afghanistan Says The Group “Has Come Back”

Election 2012:

2012 Debates
Obama’s poker tells Also, How to tell when Obama is lying
WE ARE THE 91%: only 9% of Americans cooperate with pollsters
Obama uses Down syndrome to hit Romney Related: Obama Admin Targets Down Syndrome Babies Under Obamacare
Obama scores a key endorsement… from Hugo Chavez
Obama Camp to Deploy Fake GST Steel Employee to Bash Mitt Romney Before Debate
How did Elizabeth Warren go from “not eligible” to “inactive” in Texas? (Update – As of 9/21/2012, Warren’s Texas license was on Administrative Suspension?)
Did Dems ignore anti-Israel emails that prompted DNC member’s resignation?
Continue reading

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