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Market Analysis Confirms Common Core Is A Cash Cow

A market analysis done by Onvia Inc. seems to be pointing at Common Core to be one of the biggest cash cows ever in terms of Education contracts and technology. Onvia serves a variety of industries, but the Education industry’s page was eye-opening. The estimated cost in the report is likely already out of date. The document also addresses technology as being one of the most expensive pieces of Common Core. Mr. Gates will be pleased to hear that after he dumped around $3 billion into pushing Common Core from his Gates Foundation.
This market analysis is a White paper on spending related to Common Core. Onvia quotes the Fordham Institute quite a lot throughout the paper – 17 times. The paper also makes CommonCoreAlignedreference to an Onvia database where a query on Common Core returned over 4,000 matches in project documents.

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Guest Post: A Common Core Dear John Letter

  This is a reader submitted guest post.   Dear John C. Core, You appear to be suffering from an identity crisis, so being the helpful person I am, I thought I’d sit down and  see if I could be … Continue reading

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GUEST POST: Common Core And The Holocaust

This is a Guest Post by a concerned citizen on the way Common Core teaches subjects beyond Math and English Language Arts, specifically looking at the Holocaust.

In a recent post on JNS.org, a public mandate for teaching genocide using the Holocaust as the prime example is suggested. Now, that said, teaching about this important subject (the Holocaust) is not something that should be mandated. Why? Depending on how you view it, it will be too difficult for some ages, learning abilities and flat-out inappropriate for some age/grades.

Also worth considering, what about fact based resources? What about genocide as an entirely separate subject? Frankly, neither subject will be easy nor quick. If we are to truly learn from something as heinous as the Holocaust, we should be able to do much more than recite facts, figures and data. We should be able to have a modern-day practical application students not only identify with, but find easy to carry out. As an educator, I know each subject, the Holocaust and genocide, should be taught in-depth and as an elective – not a mandate, nor to every grade level. To grasp out how Common Core Standards can make a mockery out of world history, let’s look at some of the resources mentioned in the article and see where else this winding road will lead. First up, CChange.

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Letter: Common Core Erodes Kids’ Love Of Learning

As seen in the Mooresville Tribune: Common Core Erodes Kid’s Love Of Learning.

The letter to the editor begins in the middle of page 9A and continues to 10A. It is not available yet on their website, but instead in their e-edition.

The author has sent me her original copy, which includes text regarding Dr. Sandra Stotsky the Mooresville Tribune did not include. The title was also changed.

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GUEST POST: Common Core in Charters, Private & Homeschools

The following article is a guest post from a concerned parent on Charter schools. private schools and homeschools.  It is a follow-up article to Common Core Standards Usurp Leadership Clubs in our Schools. The Common Core Propaganda Machine has to be recognized … Continue reading

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