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#DM7: A Primer On The Left In NC (PT III)

My weekly column at Da Tech Guy is up here: A Primer On The Left In NC (PT III)


In Part II of A Primer on the Left in NC, we looked at the leader of the “grassroots” Moral Monday movement, Reverend William Barber. This week, it’s important to learn about the start of Moral Monday and their tactics because, as I predicted, it’s spreading. Just this past week, Barber met with various unnamed activists from 12 other states with the intent to help organize Moral Monday’s elsewhere. One of the attendees was Democratic state Sen. Hank Sanders of Alabama. I view this as the reaction of the organized Left realizing how much power is held by the individual states. Too many for the comfort of the Left are under Republican leadership. Continue reading

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UPDATED – About That N&O Gambling Money Story…

North Carolina has been treated to yet another edition of ‘Name no Democrats’ by N&O’s Biesecker. Only mentioning the top GOP players in a story is becoming a regular event, especially if they are running for the Senate. It really fits the ‘slam, eviscerate and cripple’ pattern we’ve come to know all too well. In fact, it would appear that Biesecker’s story is pretty damn close to the big bullet points of this Democracy NC memo, which is a group tied to BluePrint NC.

I suppose anything that draws attention away from the pummeling Hagan is taking over her 24 Obamacare lies is a good thing in the mind of Democrats — even a story that broke around 6 months ago or so and is now being recycled and includes some of their own ‘best and brightest’.

I’ve included the whole list of names further down, because, you know, Biesecker didn’t include that in his report. Maybe because he didn’t want you to see the ratio. 36 were Republicans and 24 were Democrats, yet Biesecker only wrote about the Republicans. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: A Primer on the Left in NC (Part I)

My latest is up at DaTechGuy: A Primer on the Left in NC

Those of you who follow my personal blog might be acquainted with my mapping of the Left in North Carolina already. For those of you just getting to know me and my writing, you’re in for some fun and a little bit of catch-up. Back in May, I wrote about how the Democrats were melting down in North Carolina. Continue reading

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Progress NC and Blueprint NC

Last night, we learned about Progress NC possibly having significant issues with its tax exempt status and their donations and the call by NC Republican Chairman Claude Pope for NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall to investigate.  I mentioned some … Continue reading

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#ShutUppery and the Drums of #WAR

So, #ShutUppery took an ugly turn and this happened to me:

Who’s a ‘Bully,’ @GregFlynn? Democrat Operative Targets North Carolina Mom : The Other McCain Continue reading

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