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Obama Admin Silent On Medicare Fraud

I’ve been posting stories from the DOJ website about medicare fraud in my Morning Links for the better part of a year now. Today, it occurred to me I never searched the DOJ site as a whole on the topic, … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (2/17/12 )

Yes: Quote of the day | Don Surber Now read this one: Hit Obamanomics | Don Surber
The same question: A Graphic Question: Where Are the Jobs? | Republican Study Committee (RSC)
Charts of the day: In Pictures: Facts about America’s Slow Economic Recovery |heritage
Bad: Foreclosures on the Rise Again | CNBC
Worse: CHANGE: Moody’s May Downgrade 17 Banks, Securities Firms. “Moody’s Investor Service warned on Thursday…” | Instapundit Continue reading

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The Morning Links (2/14/12 )

The return of AttackWatch: Obama Campaign Launches ‘Truth Teams’ | ABC News Obligatory: Attack Watch Commercial – YouTube
Understatement of the year: Dem lawmaker: Obama budget is a ‘nervous breakdown on paper’ | The Hill’s Video And he’s still spending: Obama in Va. proposes $8b for worker education | Washington Examiner And Spending: Cutting our own throat: Obama wants $800 million for “Arab Spring” countries, military aid to Egypt | Jihad Watch Continue reading

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The Morning Links (12/22)

These are the Morning Links for December 22, 2011     The Lady’s Recent Articles: They Know So Much That Isn’t So. | From the Desk of Lady Liberty Bev ‘Veto’ Perdue Breaking The Law – Again. | From the Desk of … Continue reading

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Obama Girl: NC Edition

If you live in North Carolina like I do, this was readily apparent in 2008. We watched this woman model herself after Obama and take directions from him in 2009 with her trip to the White House and subsequent taxpayer paid trip to China. Why did she go there? “To grow jobs in NC.” Oh, you mean like Cree, Bev? Or perhaps WestStar Precision? Continue reading

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