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Remembering The Happy Warrior

I hope he is smiling down on those of us fighting the good fight as he would:


I can recall the moment I heard about his passing a year ago as freshly as if it happened today. It still brings tears to my eyes. The tears don’t last long – they can’t. There’s a #war going on. We have to keep moving and all I have to do is think of John Nolte, Jim Treacher, Dana Loesch or the legion of bloggers I met at BlogCon just after Andrew died and the fight returns in me.

As a fellow warrior has told me so many times, I FIGHT, so should you. If you are unfamiliar with Zilla of the Resistance, I would suggest you get acquainted. She’s smart, irreverent, unapologetic and the toughest lady I know. She’s had to deal with hardship and health issues that no one should have to endure, yet comes out on the other side on a regular basis… fighting. From her Breitbart post, I Fight:

So there I stood in my kitchen, still blotting the river of tears that flowed down my face with the tissues my little boy had brought me as the TV continued to proclaim the terrible news that the Great American Hero Andrew Breitbart had died, I didn’t notice that my son had left the room for a moment but I sure did take note of what he did when he came back. My mighty little warrior returned to the kitchen, with his shiniest toy sword held aloft as he gestured towards the TV, which still showed Andrew Breitbart’s picture, and then my boy looked me right in the eye and said,

“Don’t cry mommy, I’ll fight! … I FIGHT!”

I have no doubt that he will. He makes his momma so proud, but right now mommy has to do the fighting – as do all of you.

Fight we shall. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Happy Warrior

He’d be 44 today. I imagine he smiles each time a vile, leftist tweet attack is retweeted by the thousands of happy warriors who have risen up since his passing.

Breitbart is here.


Some favorite videos and moments below.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/b8CpON8VrRU] [youtube=http://youtu.be/eIJRyJkQXyc] [youtube=http://youtu.be/lbycMtTUDfE]

[youtube=http://youtu.be/ILZQSmE5Uu0] Continue reading

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Dear @iboudreau – Screenshots are forever

Ian Boudreau, who works for the EPA in Raleigh, NC is happy Andrew Breitbart died. So happy he tweeted it. Then deleted it.
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New Tone Hypocrisy: Jan Schakowsy & Sheila Jackson Lee

  The message is clear. It’s just fine to call conservative women names. I’ve got a message for these two hypocrites:  War.  

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The Morning Links (3/5/12)

How much are you paying today?: Daily Fuel Gauge Report
Inflate our tires: Obama: Fuel Efficiency An Answer To Rising Gas Prices – Did he just tell us to buy a new car again?
Kiss of Death: Volt production on hold for 5 weeks Related: Excessive Channel Stuffing Forces GM To Halt Chevy Volt Production, Fire 1,300
Where are the jobs?: Bernanke: No More Good Jobs News for Obama
President Food Stamps: Video: Thousands Line Up In Philadelphia For Food Stamps
President Google: Free Press Ties to Google, Obama Administration
Because they don’t want to: Why Can’t the Obama Administration Make Its Case Without Disseminating Hate?
Most dangerous President to Israel ever: The Atlantic Interview: Obama Rewrites His Record on Israel Related: Video: New Movie Highlights Obama’s Atrocious Anti-Israel Policies – I can’t stress enough how important it is you take time to watch this.
President Occupy: White House Memo Details Obama Plan to Raise Taxes on Middle Class in Second Term

Yes, he is: Allen West: Obama Intentionally Killing the Economy
#IamAndrewBreitbart: Steve Bannon: We Are Going to Release the Breitbart ‘Obama Harvard Tapes’ in One Week to 10 Days (Video)
You won’t see this in the MSM: “Go to Hell Barack” Ad Greets Commuters at Washington DC Metro Station Continue reading

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