Hillary Clinton’s Positions on Education in 2008 vs 2015 (video)

Clinton CoreIn case you missed it — Hillary Clinton came out defending the Common Core while on the campaign trail last week.

Clinton was attempting to ‘listen to average Iowans’.

Maybe she should listen to herself… from 2008.

Instapundit might be interested what Clinton says about ‘affordable college’ in the following clip.

 “Hillary Clinton – Improving Education”

Direct quotes from the 2008 video:

“lets have universal Pre-Kindergarten so that 4 year-olds have a chance to get ready for school…”

“I want to end the unfunded mandate known as No Child Left Behind”

“I personally don’t think we should have one-size-fits-all”

“I don’t want to turn our children into little test takers and our teachers into big test givers”

Universal Pre-K has no science behind it and in fact, the research out there says it might actually be hindering a child’s later advancement. The reality of universal Pre-K is to create another tax payer funded entitlement wherein the government can track your child via the data.

So she wanted to get rid of No Child Left Behind? She voted for it with one hand and with the other hand, pilloried it in an almost identical way Common Core is described today:

“You all know what’s happening with No Child Left Behind; the test is becoming the curriculum, when it should be the other way around. And the curriculum is being narrowed. I hear story after story about music, and art, or physical education, or field trips being cut out of the school day to make more time for drilling and routine work to prepare for the test. I don’t know about you but I remember those field trips. I learned a lot on things that took me out of the classroom with my teacher’s guidance and gave me a view of a wider world. How much learning is exactly going on? Our children are getting good at filling in those little bubbles, but how much creativity is being left behind? How much passion for learning is being left behind? And what about those children who we know are bright and successful in the classroom but simply don’t perform well on tests? And we know these children; I know these children. They have tremendous talents, maybe musical or artistic talents. They’re made to feel like failures because the curriculum doesn’t reward what it is they are good at.”
– Hillary Clinton, NEA June-July 2007 Annual Meeting

Common Core is basically No Child Left Behind on steroids and is one-size-fits-all.

Common Core comes tied to nationally funded high-stakes testing.

Clinton seems to have done a total flip-flop from her campaign positions in 2008.

Hillary Clinton’s 2015 education reality:

  • Voted for No Child Left Behind
  • Supports and is currently defending the one-size-fits-all Common Core
  • Supports data driven education
  • Supports High-stakes testing by supporting Common Core
  • She is anti-school choice; opposes vouchers

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State-Led Myth Nuked By Duncan Himself: Opt Out and Fed Will Have To ‘Step In’.

Our Education Overlords are unhappy.  Heads need to roll! Will Arne get out his SWAT  team and shotguns?

One of the most prevalent myths perpetuated by Common Core supporters is that Common Core was or is state-led.

Duncan State LedNational Review Online (NRO) picked up that myth and applied it to the Secretary of Education’s recent ‘threat’ to parents who are opting their kids out of the Common Core tests.

NRO also picked up on Duncan’s statements being translated into an attempt to mobilize minority communities to defend Common Core and the tests — because… Civil Rights, you racists.

Excerpt from NRO:

Here’s Education Week summarizing Duncan’s response to questions about opt-outs:

In the past, English Language Learners, students in special education, and racial minorities were “swept under the rug,” Duncan said. “Folks in the civil rights community, folks in the disability community, they want their kids being assessed. They want to know if they are making progress or growth.”

And here’s Department of Education press secretary Dorie Nolt:

“It is the responsibility of states to ensure that all students are assessed annually because it gives educators and parents an idea of how the student is doing and ensures that schools are paying attention to traditionally underserved populations like low-income students, students of color, students with disabilities and English language learners. The Department has not had to withhold money — yet — over this requirement because states have either complied or have appropriately sanctioned schools or districts that assessed less than 95 percent of students.”

Got the message, selfish parents? You’re hurting the “civil rights community.” You’re harming “students of color.”

Arne and Al Sharpton clearly have had lunch together recently, given Sharpton’s recent need to defend Common Core testing.

This isn’t Duncan’s first time threatening the states over Common Core. Remember Duncan’s blackmailing of states who were trying to get rid of Common Core?

Yes, our education overlords are unhappy with us peasants. The realization that they work for us must be really jarring.

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Nice waiver ya got there, be a shame if anything happened to it




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The Common Core Weekend Reads – 4-25-15

Clinton CoreThese are the Common Core Weekend Reads for April 25, 2015.

This is a review of the past week of news on Common Core nationwide and in North Carolina.

Articles are organized by category.

Prior Edition of Weekend Reads: 4-19-15

Note – There will be no Weekend Reads for May 3rd as I’ll be traveling back from Right Online 2015.

NC Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) Updates:
Reminder:  April 30th is the last day for leaving Feedback on the standards using DPI’s ridiculous survey.

I was unable to attend the April meeting and I’d like to thank you to Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association for their detailed meeting notes.

I would encourage everyone to read them. The sparring between Ann Clark and Dr. Scheik surrounding Common Core being one-size-fits all is important. What is equally important is the re-direct Co-Chair Peek gave to their sparring.  Related excerpt below:

“Dr. Scheick shared an article about a sample exam from NC that kids knew the wrong way to do math problems, and half the kids did worse than guessing. Andre stated that the standards we have now have issues that whatever recommendations are the result of this commission, they have to be inclusive, no one left out, and no remediation should be required of those entering college.”

Dr. Scheik refers to an article in the above passage. I think it is likely this one by Dr. Terry Stoops.

April 20th meeting materials:

Next ASRC meeting:  May 18, 2015 1:00-5:00 PM



“The parents are tired and they’re ready for people to start listening, and we don’t want this. Our kids are suffering because of it,” said Kelly Watson, who noticed a change in her 8-year-old daughter since the standards were introduced.

“Hate it, absolutely hate it,” said Nikki Tashiro. “I want Common Core gone. I hate that the first three weeks of school, my 6-year-old asked me if she could be a dropout. She won’t be in public school next year if Common Core continues. Education is so important, but to me this is not education. This is child abuse.”

“But your question is really a larger one. How did we end up at a point where we are so negative about the most important non-family enterprise in the raising of the next generation which is how our kids are educated?”
– Hillary Clinton discussing Common Core, Caffeinated Thoughts








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Dear @TheBlaze and @GlennBeck, I Have a Scott Walker Question for You

AD and GBLast July, I went to The Blaze studios to be a panel member of We Will Not Conform, a live Common Core event shown in movie theaters across the country.

Multiple aspects of Common Core were discussed, including political and election implications.  For many citizens, especially parents fighting Common Core, being squishy on the topic is a deal breaker.

I like Scott Walker. I think he has a lot of great assets to bring to the table. Having said that, for me, Scott Walker just accrued strike one.

This is fence sitting. But why?  One has to jump back a few years.

I listen to him in the morning on the radio. I know he likes Scott Walker as a candidate, but there is an important piece of information about Governor Walker that Mr. Beck needs to factor in.  

He listened to me at We Will Not Conform and I hope he listens to me now.

I’ll phrase this piece of information as a question that I hope he’ll answer, who was the education adviser to Governor Walker when Wisconsin adopted Common Core?

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There are 203 Education Related Bills At The #NCGA (Updated)

NCGAYesterday, I shared a list of about 30-40 education bills I had been tracking for various reasons.  I asked readers to let me know if there were more out there I should list.

I should be more careful what I ask for.

As of March 30th, there were 203 education related bills filed at the General Assembly.

Update: I managed to look through a good number of these 203 bills. To my dismay, not a single bill protecting parental rights with regards to their child’s education, data privacy or transparency in record keeping is in the mix.

I wonder what Instapundit would say.

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