#DM7 Article: The Death of Lennon Lacy

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: The Death of Lennon Lacy.


By A.P. Dillon

On August 29th, the body of 17 year-old black male was found hanging from a swing set in Bladensboro, North Carolina. That young man’s name was Lennon Lacy.  North Carolina’s State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and the local Bladensboro police were involved in the investigation into Lacy’s death, which was ruled a suicide.  The Bladen county district attorney, Jon David, has issued a statement backing the findings of both the SBI and the local authorities.

The NC NAACP thinks this was a race based homicide, not a suicide. They contend this could have been a lynching. There has been some pointing of fingers at residents of the ‘white trailer park’ adjacent to where Lacy’s body was found according to a Guardian report. That same report includes the tidbit that Bladensboro is also called ‘crackertown’.   There was also a recounting from a sports blogger that contained reference to a confederate flag he remembered from when he apparently used to practice in Bladensboro back in 1995.

Also, it appears the 17 year-old was in a relationship with a 31 year-old white female named Michelle Brimhall.  Allegedly, Brimhall left her husband in February and the Lacy family has reportedly questioned why police had not questioned him. According to the Guardian, the family also said that Brimhall had broken up with Lacy weeks before his death. Brimhall denied it.

The NC NAACP has called for a Federal investigation. There seems to be a lot of calls for the DOJ to be involved these days.  The NC NAACP hired an outside pathologist, Dr. Christena Roberts, whose findings call into question the “quick” ruling of suicide according to an NC NAACP press release.  It is worth noting Dr. Roberts was brought in by the defense team for the former Duke Lacrosse rape accuser, Crystal Mangum, who was standing trial for the alleged murder of her boyfriend. Mangum was later convicted of 2nd degree murder in that case.

Bear in mind, the leader of the NC NAACP is Reverend Barber.  Barber leads the hyperbolic and hypocritical Moral Monday and is keen on theatrics with a history of seeing racism in ever corner – except his own. For what it’s worth, I’ve lived in North Carolina for almost 17 years and I can’t remember a time when Barber wasn’t ginning up discord somewhere in the state with the race card. As such, it is hard for me to take what he says seriously.

For example, in this case, Barber has also been calling up images of Emmett Till, likely referencing the relationship of Lacy’s with a white woman. That might be a valid comparison IF Barber hadn’t been throwing Till’s name around for shock value in the past during Moral Monday protests.  For another example of his theatrics, take in what Barber said about the memorial service; emphasis added:

But Barber also talked about the chilling thought that lingered, otherwise unmentioned, over the scores of black and white people attending the packed memorial. “The image of a black boy hanging from a rope is in the souls of all of us,” he told them. “It is in the DNA of America. In 2014, our greatest prayer is that this was not a lynching.

Wait, what?

The image of a black boy hanging is in ‘in the DNA of America’?  I suppose that’s why we elected a black president. Twice.

I suppose that’s why “scores of black and white people” were attending the memorial.

Having said that, there are some weird things about this case.

1. The 911 caller who reported finding the body gauged Lacy’s age as between late 30’s and early 40’s.  The caller, a woman, also said she had nothing to cut him down with. Sometime between her call and police arriving, the body was indeed cut down.

2. Two belts, one black canvas and one royal blue canvas, were used to fashion the noose that was used. Relatives did not identify the belts as belonging to Lacy.

3. There were issues with the height of the swing set and being able to reach the beam that the belts were attached to. Also, there appeared to be no item used to stand on by the deceased for which to tie the noose and then kick it away in order to kill himself.  A copy of the press release that contains the report by Dr. Roberts contains the following observations; via WRAL with emphasis added.

“One end of the swing set has a climbing platform attached. The noose was reportedly tied to the supporting cross beam (appears to be a 2 x 6″) and then fed through a metal grommet that was screwed into the wood. This grommet was 22.5″ away from the platform. Lennon was 69″ tall. The height of the cross beam to the ground was 90″. In a photo provided his brother who is 6’4″ could not reach up and touch the beam. There were no swings on this swing set to act as a step to reach the beam. There was no item present at the scene that Lennon could have stood on, applied the noose and then kicked away. The only other way to reach the beam and grommet therefore had to be from the climbing platform. No measurements are available at this time for the noose (described below) but it does not appear long enough to have been tied around the beam, fed through the grommet and still allow a large enough loop for him to be able to place over his head. The side structure of the platform is a rather small square that is further obstructed by the v­shaped vertical supports of the swing.”

4. The body was found wearing sneakers the relatives say were not his. The sneakers found with the body were white with no laces and Lacy had been seen leaving for an evening walk in a pair of grey athletic shoes.  The white sneakers were allegedly size 10 and half, however Lacy wore a size 12. While all other effects of Lacy’s were described, the shoes were not with the body when it arrived at the coroner’s and was missing in the description of the personal items according to the autopsy report.

5. More related to the shoes, relatives also have mentioned that a new pair of Jordan basketball shoes have apparently gone missing. Lacy allegedly purchased the shoes recently before his death.

The detail about the shoes bothers me.

The family reports Lacy wearing gray sneakers of some kind when they last saw him. It is unclear if those gray sneakers were the Jordan’s the family alleges are missing.

If they were the Jordan’s, teens sadly have been murdered for their shoes before. Just recently, 3 men were sentenced in Georgia for shooting a man over his sneakers.

I would hope the police would be looking into who in the area possibly wears a 10 and half and perhaps has a new pair of grey sneakers on. Instead, they are likely doing battle with the Reverend Barber because ‘justice’… or something.


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AP DillonA.P. Dillon (Lady Liberty 1885), is a Conservative minded wife and mother living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. A.P. Dillon founded the blog LadyLiberty1885.com in 2009. After the 2012 election, she added an Instapundit style blog called The ConMom Blog. Mrs. Dillon recently participated in Glenn Beck’sWe Will Not Conform. Mrs. Dillon’s writing, in addition to Da Tech Guy’s Magnificent 7, can also be found at StopCommonCoreNC.org, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Non-political writing projects include science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

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The Common Core Weekend Reads – 12-14-14

Common Core math 7 plus 8These are the Common Core Weekend Reads for December 14, 2014.

This is a review of the past week of news on Common Core nationwide and in North Carolina.

Articles are organized by category.

Prior Edition of Weekend Reads: 12-7-14
Weekend Reads archive at StopCommonCoreNC HERE.


The next ASRC meeting is this coming Monday, December 15th.



He was a “very, very conservative governor in Florida; he cut taxes like Ronald Reagan did,” said Dan Henninger.

Henninger added:

So if conservatives generally are going to say that if – because – he said something about, or supported Common Core, or they don’t like something he said about immigration, therefore, he can’t even consider being a nominee, then the Republican Party is going to have a big problem.
​- Breitbart News, WSJ: Conservatives Should Get Behind Super Conservative Jeb Bush

Many teachers remain bitter over what they perceive as King’s mismanagement.

“He screwed up New York, and now he can go to Washington and screw up the whole country,” said Tony Felicio Jr., a teacher-union president in the Connetquot district.
– Newsday, State education commissioner tested by Common Core to leave NY









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FL Teachers Union Takes Hit Over School Choice

A Florida judge dealt a blow to a teachers union and their allies in the state trying to end the state’s thirteen year-old Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program according to the Daily Signal.

Teachers’ unions in Florida continue to threaten the educational opportunity of thousands of the state’s most vulnerable children.

But there is some good news: Last week, Leon County Circuit Court Judge George S. Reynolds III granted parents of these children the right to interveneon behalf of their children’s scholarships, which are awarded through the corporate tuition tax credit scholarship program.

“All three [of my] children are excelling academically and socially in their respective schools under the scholarships,” said Cheryl Joseph, a mother of three scholarship recipients and one of 15 parents who were granted a motion to intervene in the lawsuit. Cheryl, like the other parents who filed, will not be able to send her children to their chosen school without the scholarship funding.

In August, the Florida Education Association and allies—including the Florida School Boards Association, the PTA, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and others—filed two lawsuits challenging the state’s 13-year-old Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program.

The first suit claimed that the scholarship violates the “no aid” clause and the “uniform public schools” clause of the state’s constitution by allowing students to take the aid to private schools, some with religious affiliation.

Read the rest, it’s similar to the push going on in North Carolina where Opportunity Scholarships have come under fire from similar suspects. Catch up on the fight in NC here.

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A Tweet About NC’s Civics and Economics

A tweet from NC’s Superintendent, who is also President Elect of the CCSSO, caught my eye the other morning.


The tweet from Atkinson is a reply to a story on Mississippi, which doesn’t discuss North Carolina whatsoever.  Atkinson has proven to be twitter challenged, so I checked Ravitch’s latest tagged articles for North Carolina.

I thought the Atkinson tweet was a response to the article Ravitch did covering Atkinson’s latest machinations dealing with the hotly contested new APUSH framework (AP US History), but there adoption date of NC’s civics isn’t covered there or in the related article where Ravitch basically re-prints the News and Observer’s smear job. It would appear Atkinson’s tweet is a non-sequitor protestation of something Ravitch never said? YEP. Gee…Our schools are in the best of hands.

Atkinson’s non-sequitor tweet is correct (see the next paragraph), which begs the question why the big Koch brothers push. That question’s answer is easy: Skirt the Founding Principles act and save APUSH. After all, the Bill of Rights Institute’s work doesn’t line up with the new APUSH narratives.

The NC proposed coursework is rather simple. The last revision of North Carolina’s Civics and Economics that I found was in 2007. The current version was approved in 2011 and can be found here. This 2011 version notes “no standards have been changed.”. This 2011 version is also available at NC DPI’s Live Binder.  The 2011 version has an ‘unpacking‘ document. For those interested, here is the timeline of recent course of study changes in North Carolina, as well as the 2013 Civics and Economics test.  There are multiple additional resources listed at DPI’s wikispace for Civics and Economics.

jesus invalid argumentWhile I was on the first Ravitch article, I noticed she chooses to quote Bill Bigelow.  Bigelow, in turn, offers a half-assed smear job on the Bill of Rights Institute as a means of making sure people know how evil the Koch brothers are. I find it amusing the response to someone from the ‘far right’ is to choose someone from the ‘far left’ to debunk them.

To say Bigelow leans left would be a gross understatement. The only thing I agree with him on in this universe is that Common Core is bad.

Bigelow’s Resume includes teacher, occupier, climate change true believer, a fan of socialist Howard Zinn, obsessed with slavery and revisionist history teller via a modern morality lense – just see his book on Columbus, which has been banned in Tuscon, I believe.  Don’t miss what Bigelow says about Reagan and ‘bended knee Constitution worship’. Also, did you know Helen Keller was really a socialist? I laughed.  Oh, and he hates fireworks or something.

Bigelow makes the claim, in the article cited by Ravitch, that the Bill of Rights Institute is a Koch “front group”, but of course provides no proof.

I nearly spit out my coffee laughing at one of Bigelow’s passages Ravitch chose to include in her blog entry. The first sentence alone should tell you to what lengths Bigelow will go to make sure you know Koch = evil.  Notice he calls it “Koch curriculum”, not Bill of Rights Institute curriculum.

In its materials for teachers and students, the Bill of Rights Institute cherry-picks the Constitution, history, and current events to hammer home its libertarian message that the owners of private property should be free to manage their wealth as they see fit. As one Bill of Rights lesson insists, “The Founders considered industry and property rights critical to the happiness of society.” This message that individual owners of property are the source of social good, their property sacred, and government the source of danger weaves through the entire Koch curriculum, sometimes with sophistication, other times in caricature. For example, in one “click-and-explore” activity at the BRI website, showing the many ways that government can oppress individuals—“Life Without the Bill of Rights?”—a cartoon character pops up with a dialogue bubble reading, “The gov’t took my home!” An illustration shows his home demolished.


How does one “cherry pick” the Constitution in a libertarian manner, exactly? How dare children be taught the property they own should be managed as they wish!  How dare children be taught to be wary of big government.  Funny words from an Occupy supporter.

A paragraph down from the above excerpt is this passage:

However, the materials at the Bill of Rights Institute avoid discussing how the free exercise of property rights has played out in the real world—especially with respect to historically oppressed groups.

The “real world”? As opposed to this fake one we live in?
Read the whole thing if you can stomach it.

He also gets into Castle Doctrine, because we all know that is what the Trayvon Martin case was about, right?   For as skewed as Bigelow says the Bill of Rights Institute is a mess, however, Bigelow’s own writing is far worse.



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The Wunderlich Family’s Homeschool Fight (Video)

This past November, Germany’s Supreme Court has created criminal charges and penalties for parents who do not send their child to public school.  In the case of the Wunderlich’s, the government seized not only their bank account, but their children.

Those of you who followed my updates on the Romeike family and their quest for asylum in the United States due to homeschool persecution in Germany, you need to watch this video from the Homeschool League Defense Association (HSLDA) on the Wunderlich’s.  Read their story here.

Video Description:

Published on Dec 9, 2014

In August 2013, about 20 German police officers and social workers burst into Dirk and Petra’s home and forcibly removed their four children—all because they were homeschooling. Their fight continues. Watch their story and learn how you can help.

Help support homeschool freedom everywhere: http://www.hslda.org/freedom

For more background on the Wunderlich’s story: www.hslda.org/wunderlich

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