This Is How Moral Monday Is Trying To Stay Relevant

This is how Moral Monday is trying to stay relevant. Using an already charged situation in another state to get arrested for media attention.

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) – Police arrested dozens of protesters during the final of four days of rallies and civil disturbance to express anger at the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, a black 18-year-old, by a white police officer in a St. Louis suburb.

Organizers of the Ferguson October protests dubbed the day “Moral Monday” and committed acts of civil disobedience in and around St. Louis. More than 50 people were arrested.

ICYMI – Headed to Ferguson was “Lamont Lilly“.   Mr. Lilly appears to be a local pot-stirrer who writes at “CopBlock” and TruthOut.



His Twitter profile @LamontLilly:

Writer-Activist-Organizer-Intellectual. Revolutionary Kool. Art/Culture/Life/Love | Author, Sunday Morning (The Literary Mix-Tape) @ – NCCU GRAD -





Durham / Fayettenam, NC

Joined April 2011

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Cabarrus Conservative Alliance Endorses Rep. Pittman

In my opinion, Rep. Larry Pittman (NC-82) is the only choice for Cabarrus.

Moms and Dads across North Carolina know his name due to his diligent fight against Common Core.  Pittman’s opponent wants to keep Common Core.

His opponent, Earle Schecter, is a hot mess as evidenced by his turning an education town hall in a school into a political campaign event. That’s a no-no.

Consider that Schecter is a NYC Democrat who moved to NC in 2010 with no political experience.

Are You Ready For Earle? Hell. No.

Fear not.
The Cabarrus Conservative Alliance has endorsed Pittman. See below.


Good afternoon fellow Conservative,

We are contacting you because the November 4, 2014 election is only 24 days away and early voting only 11 days starting on October 23, 2014.  We have an opportunity to have our Conservative voices heard again in this election cycle.

We would respectfully ask you to do two things which will help us to further the Conservative agenda.   First please mark your calendars and make every effort to get to the polls and vote either during early voting or on November 4th.  Second we would like to ask you to write a letter to the editor of our local paper in support of the candidates of your choice.  Letters only take a couple of minutes to write and submit online but you would be amazed at how much weight they carry with the readers.  Please consider submitting a brief letter of support for Representative Larry Pittman as he likes to say “Because The People Matter” and the time invested will be very beneficial.

CCA – PAC would like to ask for your help with writing a letter to the editor in support of Representative Larry G. Pittman NC House District 82 of Cabarrus County.  Rep. Pittman is the only House Representative from Cabarrus County with a Democrat challenger this year.  Representatives Carl Ford, NC 76 and Linda Johnson, NC 83 are both  running unopposed so we can all turn our attention toward supporting a Representative who has been called “The most devout constitutionalists in the North Carolina General Assembly”.

Some of Rep. Pittman’s endorsements:
“Representative Larry Pittman is undeniably the most devout constitutionalists in the North Carolina General Assembly. His constituents should be proud to have him as their representative. Larry is not only a friend, but a patriot.  F. Paul Valone President, Grass Roots North Carolina Executive Director, Rights Watch International”

“We are proud to endorse Rep. Pittman in his reelection campaign for NC House,” said David Williams, chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina (RLC-NC). “Larry has proven himself in the legislature as a steadfast defender of our liberties. Now more than ever we need representatives like Rep. Pittman looking out for us in Raleigh.” David Williams Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina Raleigh, NC

“Rep. Larry Pittman is a strong conservative, pro-family, local/state’s rights voice in the North Carolina House of Representatives North Carolina. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) today endorsed Rep. Larry Pittman for reelection as North Carolina’s State Representative in District 82. Sheri Miller  Concerned Women for America of NC  Charlotte, NC

“Larry Pittman is a man you can count on standing in the gap for the citizens of the 82nd District. He is not a man that gives lip service to persuade voters support, but a man of response and action.”  Tim Hagler Harrisburg Mayor 2000-2013 Harrisburg, NC

Many of you already know Larry but just in case you would like to find out more about him you can visit his web page here:  Elect Pittman

Or his Facebook Page at: Larry Pittman for NC House

Letters to the editor for The Independent Tribune can be sent through this link:  Letter To The Editor

Please help us to re-elect a true Statesman who has only the best interest of the voters of Cabarrus County in mind.  He has said from the beginning that he would personally limit his time in Raleigh to 10 years if it be the will of the people to send him back for 5 full terms.  He has served since he was first appointed to the chamber on October 10, 2011 filling an unexpired term of retiring Representative Jeff Barnhart and then elected in 2012 by defeating his primary challenger Jay White by a 51.5% to 48.5% margin and no Democrat challenger in the 2012 General election.  Rep. Pittman defeated his Republican challenger in the 2014 Primary election 62.22% to 37.78%.

Your help can make the difference by sending a strong Constitutional Conservative back to Raleigh for two more years.  Please send a letter to the editor and vote Rep. Larry G. Pittman for NC House District 82 on November 4,2014.

Ronnie Long – Founder

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NC House Rep. Corrects Hagan, #NCDems Math

NC House Rep. Paul Stam corrects Kay Hagan’s misleading ads and the NC Democratic party’s bad math. See below.




Please take a moment and read my Letter to the Editor that I sent on Friday, October 10th. It is important to know the facts.

Letter to the Editor

October 10, 2014

Yesterday I received mail from the NC Democratic Party.  While the mailer was directed against Speaker Thom Tillis, every charge in it is really directed at the North Carolina General Assembly.  The Democratic Party is not very good at math.

  1. They charge that Speaker Tillis cut $500 million in education.  In the year before Speaker Tillis led the House, the budget for K-12 education was $7.3 Billion.  This year the budget is $8.1 Billion.  Fifth graders can figure that this is an increase of $800 Million.  But Democrats say it is a $500 Million “cut”.  The Washington Post awarded this lie “two Pinocchios”.
  1. They charge “the wealthy got huge tax breaks” with two big pictures of a yacht and a helicopter.  This mirrors Senator Hagan’s charge about the tax rate for jets and yachts.  North Carolina has capped the sales tax paid on airplanes since 1957 and on boats since 1967.  Speaker Tillis and the current General Assembly had nothing to do with it.  While Senator Hagan was in charge of the Senate Budget Committee for years, she never attempted to change the rate.  And this session not one single Democrat made any motion to change that rate.  WRAL gave this claim a “red light” award as part of its fact check research.
  1. Democrats say “Thanks to Speaker Thom Tillis, last year Wake schools lost 528 teaching positions”.  The state budget funded 6,788 teachers last year and 6,977 teachers this year.  This represents an increase of 189 teachers for Wake County. Democrats apparently can’t tell the difference between addition or subtraction.



Rep. Paul Stam

714 Hunter Street
Apex, NC


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7th Grade Common Core ‘Close Reading’ Covers Rape, Restorative Justice

toystory no fictionCommon Core’s ‘close reading’ has come under fire by opponents in various states and by members of the Common Core validation committee as having subjective, inappropriate content and lacking historical or contextual foundations needed to interpret excerpts given to students.

Such is the case with this Wake County 7th grade Common Core ‘close reading’ assignment on ‘Restorative Justice‘.

The overall gist of restorative justice is more on the feelings and impact of the crime on the offender than that of the victim.  It also has a focus on ‘repairing harm‘ caused by criminals and their behavior.

This concept of restorative justice has become popular amongst educrats seeking to lower criminal incidents in schools, yet it does little to address immediate safety concerns.

Shorter: Let’s all hug it out and hope they don’t do it again.

Back to the assignment at hand 
This assignment was sent to me by a set of parents upset they were having to explain rape to their child (prison rape at that) as a consequence of a school assignment. Remember, 7th graders are about 12 or 13 years old.

The assignment draws from three sources:

  1. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
  2. Touching The Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelson
  3. What kind of jail would prisoners like? originally by The Los Angeles Times but the copy used is a rip off of the original by a website called Newsela.

None of these items appear as examples in Appendix B of the Common Core Standards. It would be nice to know how and why this particular teacher put these particular items together and why they chose the restorative justice narrative.

The Outsiders is arguably too much for a 7th grader, but I’ve found it being used in NY to satisfy Common Core ELA standards for 7-9th grade. If parents want to check the NY link out, be prepared for auto-download.

I also found The Outsiders Common Core aligned at Teacher Pays Teacher.  The same was true of Touching The Spirit Bear.

 Related Reading:  Will Close Reading Produce Better Readers?


Update: Thank you Carolina Plott Hound for linking!

UPDATE II: A parent pointed out that ‘Newsela’ has this little nugget on its website:

“Newsela has been selected for the inaugural cohort of the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, powered by TechStars. We are also the recipient of an award from the Literacy Courseware Challenge competition, sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

Also, Dr. Atkinson has weighed in and told me I am incorrect because teachers choose the  materials.

With all due respect ma’am, this was given to students as a COMMON CORE CLOSE READING assignment. The set of excerpts was chosen to fulfill a Common Core requirement.

Yet you’re saying it’s not Common Core because the teacher chose it? I thought teachers were supposed to have freedom to fulfill Common Core requirements as they see fit?

You can’t have it both ways, Dr. Atkinson.

If it’s just a set of standards, then you have a curriculum problem… FOUR years after roll-out. Clearly the answer is to dictate what all teachers use in all instances, right?

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