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#DM7 Article: GOP Primary Challengers Rise In NC

This is a reposting of my Da Tech Guy column: GOP Primary Challengers Rise In Continue reading

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Pearson Is Everywhere: Big Profits From Tests

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time we looked at who was writing the Common Core tests produced by Pearson. Today we’re looking at the massive profits Pearson is making from these tests.

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NC ASRC Member Asks If Common Core Needs ‘Overhaul’. Answer Received Cheers and Applause. (Video)

Local media reported that testimony given by former Common Core Validation committee members before the NC Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission indicated that a ‘total rewrite’ was necessary.

As I noted earlier this week, that’s not quite what was said — you can’t simply ‘re-write’ the Common Core. To reinforce what was actually said, I’ve put together a clip from video taken at the meeting.


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Judge Denies James Everett Dutschke’s Motion to Set A Side Sentence

Federal Judge Sharon Aycock has dismissed a motion by James Dutschke to have his sentence changed back to his original sentence.  A Special Administrative Order was placed onto his 25 year sentence after a new indictment was handed down while … Continue reading

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Parents Against The Common Core: Moms are wiping the floor with Policy Wonks

Meet Parents Against The Common Core — A response to the incredible backlash against the Common Core Standards has emerged.

Led by an advisory board of Jenni White, Heather Crossin, Heidi Huber and Gretchen Logue, the Common Core Parents now have a rallying point.

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