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NC ASRC Member Asks If Common Core Needs ‘Overhaul’. Answer Received Cheers and Applause. (Video)

Local media reported that testimony given by former Common Core Validation committee members before the NC Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission indicated that a ‘total rewrite’ was necessary.

As I noted earlier this week, that’s not quite what was said — you can’t simply ‘re-write’ the Common Core. To reinforce what was actually said, I’ve put together a clip from video taken at the meeting.


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Judge Denies James Everett Dutschke’s Motion to Set A Side Sentence

Federal Judge Sharon Aycock has dismissed a motion by James Dutschke to have his sentence changed back to his original sentence.  A Special Administrative Order was placed onto his 25 year sentence after a new indictment was handed down while … Continue reading

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Parents Against The Common Core: Moms are wiping the floor with Policy Wonks

Meet Parents Against The Common Core — A response to the incredible backlash against the Common Core Standards has emerged.

Led by an advisory board of Jenni White, Heather Crossin, Heidi Huber and Gretchen Logue, the Common Core Parents now have a rallying point.

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BEST NC Releases Their “2020 Vision” For NC Education

In December it was revealed that behind the scenes, legislators, education officials, think tanks and various non-profits we holding closed-door meetings at SAS, which were being organized by the SAS tied Education non-profit, BEST NC. [Read: BEST NC’s 2020 Vision Initiative]

This series of meetings, held out of the public eye, had a goal of producing a set of ‘topline recommendations’ for education in North Carolina. These recommendations, known as the “Vision 2020 Initiative” were to be rolled out sometime at the end of January according to conversations I had with various participants and with the CEO of BEST NC, Brenda Berg.

January came and went and February is now upon us. I’ve been keeping an eye on the BEST NCsite, but didn’t see the report anywhere. The “2020 Vision Initiative” report emerged yesterday — on the EducationNC site. The report itself, however, hangs off of BEST NC’s site. I’m sure I’ll have more to say on it once I dig into it.

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Clark Appointed CMS Superintendent Through 2016

Charlotte Observer is reporting that Ann Clark has been appointed Superintendent of Charlotte Mecklenburg schools through 2016. Clark had been serving as acting Superintendent in the wake of Heath Morrison’s rapid departure in late 2014, after questions arose concerning misconduct allegations and claims about a ‘culture of fear’ in CMS schools.

About halfway down the first section of the article, there’s this little note about her retiring in after this term:

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