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WRAL’s Cullen Browder Digs Into Questionable Spending By Ed Official

WRAL’s Cullen Browder dug into the questionable spending habits of former Granville Superintendent Tim Farley. The report included some pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s the meat of the story:

WRAL Investigates reviewed statements for the five credit cards and found thousands of dollars in technology purchases, convertible sports car rentals, two spa charges at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, an online order for a 12-pack of Heineken BeerTender Tubes, an Amazon Prime membership, non-itemized receipts from restaurants such as Dugans Pub, Atlantic Beer Garden and Whiskey Priest, and other purchases that appeared questionable. – WRAL, 11/5/14, Convertibles, beer tubes, spa: Auditors probing Granville schools’ spending

I sincerely hope Mr. Browder doesn’t stop there.

@CullenBrowder don’t stop here. #wake => Convertibles, beer tubes, spa: Auditors probing Granville schools’ spending

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 6, 2014

Here are some places Mr. Browder could start and I am sure expand on:

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North Carolina 2014 Judicial Race Results

Over the last year, I wrote fairly extensively on some of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals races. The highlighted race amongst those articles was the Supreme Court Justice race, specifically the Chief Justice spot.

That race was between Chief Justice Mark Martin and Judge Ola Lewis. Chief Justice Martin won that race handily with almost 73% of the vote which translated to 1,741,421 votes for Martin to Lewis’s 667,772.

Ervin, Hudson and Beasley all hung on to their seats. The Beasley race was particularly close with only just over 3,200 votes separating them:

Cheri Beasley 1,228,397 50.07%
Mike Robinson 1,225,185 49.93%
View the top judicial race results here or at the NC Board of Elections site.

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Wake Cty Commissioner Race: Rich Gianni

I hope folks have been paying attention to the Wake County Commissioner races. I’ve shown who the Democrats have put up in this race and what they stand for quite clearly. This time let’s take a look at one of the other candidates, Rich Gianni.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Mr. Gianni recently. I made the point to ask him about what he feels makes him qualified to run for a spot on the Commission.


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A Response To Public Schools First’s Common Core Propaganda Piece

I found this article at the Common Core pushing Public Schools First NC site linking to my site. In the article, they quote me on Common Core:

2. and 3. “The standards are dumbing down the kids”/ “The standards are too hard for the kids”

According to Glenn Beck’s website, “Many teachers, educators, and parents believe Common Core is dumbing down America’s children.” At the same time, some find the standards too hard. In a piece for WUNC, Reema Khrais featured parent Andrea Dillon who “says Common Core is not developmentally appropriate for her son. ‘Just for an example, they’re doing persuasive writing pieces in first-grade where he has to have an opening sentence, three supporting sentences and a closing argument for a text he’s read, and he has to do that on his own – he’s seven,’ she said.”

So which is it? Too simple or too difficult?

All due respect, it’s both.
The authors is gonna hurt herself trying to make parents, teachers and students who have proven this look dumb.

Teaching kids the finer points of the English language in K-3 instead of getting them reading proficiently first is age and developmentally inappropriate.

The later grades shift to more “informational texts”. This shift is not supported by current research or opinion and does little to nothing to promote ‘critical thinking’ as the standards claim.

As an English teacher, Ms. Whitley should know all of that. Then again, why should Whitley be concerned with the facts about what happens to Elementary kids under Common Core when she teaches High school? Hers are doing so well:

Making grammar practice for the kids, I used the word “wretched”. “Don’t you mean #ratchet?” they asked. “Pretty sure u misspelled ratchet.”

— Alicia Whitley (@AliciaWhitley) September 12, 2014

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NC State Senator Questions #APUSH

North Carolina State Senator Jerry Tillman is questioning the new AP U.S. History (APUSH) framework. (See Tillman’s Newsletter snippet below the fold.)

scG-coleman-unqualifiedHe is wise to do so. APUSH went from a 5 page framework to a 95 page one, which largely marginalizes early U.S. History in favor of a Leftist Global view and includes the theme that America is not exceptional. This new framework totally undermines the teaching of U.S. History both nationwide and in North Carolina. This new framework is led by Common Core architect, David Coleman.

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