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NC State Senator Questions #APUSH

North Carolina State Senator Jerry Tillman is questioning the new AP U.S. History (APUSH) framework. (See Tillman’s Newsletter snippet below the fold.)

scG-coleman-unqualifiedHe is wise to do so. APUSH went from a 5 page framework to a 95 page one, which largely marginalizes early U.S. History in favor of a Leftist Global view and includes the theme that America is not exceptional. This new framework totally undermines the teaching of U.S. History both nationwide and in North Carolina. This new framework is led by Common Core architect, David Coleman.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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Journal, Validation Committee: Common Core Has No Evidence

Over at the National Review Online, there’s an article up titled, Common Core Validation Committee Member: ‘Nobody Thought There Was Sufficient Evidence’ for the Standards.

The article revisits the claims made by Common Core supporters that the standards raise achievement are based on evidence and then destroys the claim in about 6 paragraphs. One of the most damning few paragraphs were these two: Continue reading

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NC Parents Slaps Down Absurd News and Observer Homeschooling Article

UPDATE: Welcome Carolina Plott Hound Readers! News and Observer recently had an article titled “NC Homeschools and The Common Good” up. I read it.  I laughed. What a pile of steaming liberal crap. It’s authored by “Leslie Maxwell of Durham is … Continue reading

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Judge Hobgood Rules Against Vouchers For Low-Income And At Risk Kids

Shorter NC Judge Hobgood: Ghetto schools for ghetto kids #ncpol

— T Bradley (@TBradleyNC) August 21, 2014

Judge Hobgood has overruled himself on school vouchers. First he imposed an injunction, then he lifted the injunction pending another hearing and now he’s permanently blocked low-income and at risk kids from attending schools their parents would choose. Continue reading

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