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#ISISMediaBlackOut – propaganda TANGO DOWN

By Liberty Speaks Everyone who has followed me on Lady Liberty 1885 knows that I cherish the First Amendment.  You all know that even if sometimes I do not agree with what is said, I will fight for your right … Continue reading

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Nevada Pro Core Outfit Defines ‘Career and College Ready'; Deletes Tweet – TWICE

The other day on Twitter, @Nevada Ready responded to a tweet of mine. I went back to reply to @NevadaReady only to find their tweet was gone.

Wondering why @NevadaReady deleted this tweet? Maybe b/c def. they pt to is stil not defined?

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 16, 2014

I went to their link in their tweet, because I’ve seen tweets like this ‘disappear’ so I had emailed it to myself. In order to read @NevadaReady’s definition of “career and college ready”, I had to download a report. So I did.
Here is what it said: Continue reading

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Another Gates Backed Non-Profit PR Campaign

The Pro-Common Core PR machine is back in gear. Look for a coordinated PR campaign on Twitter Tuesday using hashtag #SupportTheCore courtesy of — yet another non-profit backed by the Gates Foundation.

Get on the hashtag and rain truth bombs on their talking points parade. Continue reading

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The Army Of Davids Fighting Common Core

Professor Glenn Reynold’s book, An Army of Davids, has constantly been in the back of my mind whenever I am engaging in fighting Common Core. It was in my mind as I sat at the messaging and PR table for We Will Not Conform. The opposition to Common Core are an Army of Davids. The replay of We Will Not Conform event is tonight, by the way. For those of you unfamiliar with Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. the Blogfather, visit Instapundit. I do. Every morning.

Anyway, as a blogger, I know the power of social media and the well placed headline or turn of phrase. I know how to take apart a narrative put forth by the other side. This gave me an edge in debating supporters. I use the term debate lightly. It was never debate on the standards for them. It was a debate on me. This is a crucial point. Common Core supporters did not defend the standards, they attacked the opposition. They tried to smear and demonize teachers, parents, grandparents and students from all walks of life and it has backfired in epic style.

.@POLITICO: The #CommonCore PR war: the millions have proved no match for the moms #stopcommoncore #TCOT #edchat

— Pioneer Institute (@PioneerBoston) July 29, 2014 Continue reading

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Wake GOP Is Paying Attention, But Is Governor McCrory?

McCrory And Salamido Comments On Common Core Repeal | Lady Liberty 1885 #wakegop

— Wake County GOP (@WakeCountyGOP) July 21, 2014 Continue reading

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