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#DM7 Article: The ‘Outrage Industry’ Ties To Education

This is a reposting of my weekly column at Da Tech Guy: The ‘Outrage Industry’ Ties To Education Continue reading

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Durham Academy: “I Don’t Say” Anything About The First Amendment

Folks, in this country we are blessed with free speech under the First Amendment.
At Durham Academy, they seem to have forgotten about the concept of speaking one’s mind or being able to express oneself using a simple turn of phrase, like ‘boys will be boys. Continue reading

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Free Speech Wins Out In New Hanover

Over the last week or so, LGBT activists took aim at New Hanover County School Board member, Tammy Covil. She dared to express an opinion in a closed Facebook group and comments on a related topic, which were on her own Facebook page.

I know, the horror…right? Continue reading

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