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Wake Commissioner Representing The Citizens By Blocking Them?

One new Wake County Commissioner appears to have a temper. The other claimed she would represent and work with all Wake citizens.

How quickly those claims fell flat:

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Video: Parents In FL Shut Down When They Criticize Curriculum

Free speech in Jeb Bush’s faux educational utopia, Florida.

Zero Hedge has an article that includes video of parents speaking out at a Naples, Florida schoolboard workshop being shut down by the school board as they spoke out against curriculum and textbooks.


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More Proof Moms Are Wiping the Floor with Policy Wonks

Today, the PR firm, EducationNC, has an article by Public Schools Forum NC’s Keith Poston.

It is a rather long post, littered with inflammatory rhetoric aimed at Common Core opposition. The entire piece is based on the false assumption Common Core are higher standards.

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Kasich Goes to SC, Insults Millions

Ohio Governor John Kasich was recently in South Carolina. Kasich talked about all kinds of hot button issues — immigration, budget, Islamic state, gun rights.

The one topic he tried to dodge is the one thing that is going to characterize his visit: Common Core.

“That is not something that Barack Obama is putting together. … It’s local school boards developing local curriculum to meet higher standards. I cannot figure out what’s wrong with that. …


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Policy Wonks. They Just Don’t Get it.

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

-Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

After reading the latest diatribe, One Size Fits Most, Even in the Suburbs, from Michael Petrilli, I have a feeling the quote above is on a plaque on his desk. In a nutshell, he now has pulled ‘liberal’ and ‘likely atheist’ suburban moms into the insult fold.

Following Alinsky still, in that article Petrilli is trying to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”. Well, he’s doing it wrong.

Your target has to be specific. Mr. Petrilli is just flailing wildly at any parent he can hit with his mud. In most cases, Alinsky is right and ridicule is a potent weapon.

Moms are not ‘most cases’.

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