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Facebook Page: ‘Teach Stupid People About Common Core’

Satire page or created by a real Common Core supporter channeling Jonathan Gruber?

It would appear Common Core supporters are taking a page from #Gruber — ‘you’re stupid!’ #StopCommonCore

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) December 10, 2014

Parents For Common Core Facebook page description:

“Common Core gets a bad rap from parents that are too dumb to understand it. We will try and teach these stupid people that this is right for their kids.”

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EXCLUSIVE: USAF Major (Ret.) Told He Can’t Watch FNC at Med Facility

      I read a status update on Facebook the other day that a close personal friend of the family had posted.  It read: December 4th, 2014 : Currently inside a military medical treatment facility watching FOX news when … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush Wants Opposition to Can It, Be More Like China.

Jeb Bush, you can wave goodbye to 2016 if you’re going to use passive-aggressive constructs like the apolo-attack on Common Core critics that you used in your keynote address this week. The excerpt below is just flowery shutuppery.

​”​This is why the debate over the Common Core State Standards has been troubling. I respect those who have weighed in on all sides of this issue. Nobody in this debate has a bad motive. But let’s take a step back from this debate for a second. This morning over 213 million Chinese students went to school, and nobody debated whether academic expectations should be lowered in order to protect the students’ self-esteem. Yet in Orange County, Florida, that exact debate did occur. And so the school board voted to make it impossible for a student to receive a grade below a 50. You get 50 out of 100 just for showing up and signing your name. This was done, and I quote here from a local official, so the students “do not lose all hope.”​ – Truth in American Education, Jeb Bush Will Go Down Swinging On Common Core

Shorter: All you parents out there need to shut up. We know what’s best for our workforce….err, your kids.

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NC Common Core Commission Mtg – 11-17-14

On Monday, the Academic Standards Review Commission met for the 3rd time.
I was only able to stay for the first half of the meeting, but tweeted during my time there.

NC DPI was brought in again, this time to explain the math. DPI brought in a team of 6 to present, however after two hours, the only presenter up there was still the first one – Dr. Jennifer Curtis.

Read my storify article, NC Common Core Review Mtg – 11-17-14, and see why the initial presentation stalled out and the overall theme of parents being ‘misinformed’ and teachers ‘making bad choices’ on curriculum being the problem and not the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core. Continue reading

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Wake BOC Candidate John Burns Mocks Travel Ban

This is the guy running for an office of controlling the purse strings in Wake County. He apparently thinks concern over Ebola is hilarious and should be mocked.

Travel ban makes sense. The town that builds walls always survives the zombie movie. #nope #itdoesnot

— John Burns (@johnburnsnc) October 19, 2014


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