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Follow-Up: Another NC Reading Assignment Questioned

At the end of last month, I wrote about a former Buncombe School Board member questioning a reading assignment given to their child for an Honors class.

That board member is Lisa Baldwin and her scenario regarding the book The Kite Runner is a shining example of why I have begun blogging about parental rights in education in North Carolina.

Baldwin’s objections to The Kite Runner saw some traction and press from the Asheville-Citizen Times, but as is typical in NC media, the outlet didn’t tell the whole story. The Asheville Citizens times left out key pieces, which Baldwin corrects on her blog in the article, What The Asheville Citizen-Times Didn’t Disclose…

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Duke Report Drives False Narrative That Charter Schools Cause Segregation

Here is the latest narrative being pushed in an attempt to stem the exodus from public schools into charter schools:

Wow, new low WaPo. #nced #schoolchoice White parents in NC are using charter schools to secede from education system

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) April 15, 2015

Got that?
The Duke University report wants you to know that if you’re white and put your kid in a charter school, you’re adding to segregation. The subtext here is that by choosing a charter school, these parents are racists.

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#DM7 Article: The Common Core War Of Unicorns and Crawfish

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy column: The Common Core War Of Unicorns and Crawfish Continue reading

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