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More Empty Attacks From A Wake Cty School Board Member

The Wake County School Board loves their Common Core. Just ignore Common Core is a fundamentally flawed experiment that is proving to be a bigger and bigger train wreck with each passing day. Wake County School Board members continue to make statements attacking the public, mainly parents, who oppose Common Core. It’s not Bill “clueless on Core” Fletcher this time. It’s the newbie board member, Monika Johnson-Hostler.

More Proof the Wake County school board doesn’t represent the people. Johnson-Hostler defends Common Core #nced #wake

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 17, 2014

You remember Ms. Johnson-Hostler? The candidate with the messy personal finances backed by big PAC money and tied to Great Schools in Wake Coalition?
She apparently is just getting the “politicizing” attack strategy memo or perhaps the Board members are just taking turns so there is continued repetition of the theme. I find these kind of statements coming out of a woman sitting on the board of one of the largest school districts to be really scary. Excerpts below are from the News and Observer on 7/16/14. Continue reading

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Rep. Cotham Continues To Politicize Common Core

More ‘politicizing’ from Rep. Tricia Cotham. cotham core politicizing
She sat on the Common Core Legislative Research Committee, yet continues to ignore the reality of these flawed, experimental standards and the public outcry on Common Core. Instead, she insists on attempting to demonize opposition.

During debate of the bill (SB 812) to repeal and replace Common Core in North Carolina, State House Rep. Cotham (D-100) continued to politicize the measure. She even invoked the President’s name in order to try and politicize the vote:

Cotham just politicized the Common Core again while saying it has become political. She just threw in Obama. #StopCommonCore #NCGA

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 16, 2014
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Common Core And South Carolina’s Withdrawl – PT 2

Earlier today I wrote about the South Carolina Superintendent’s plan to truly kill Common Sad woman CCS articleCore. I pointed to the copyright and terms of use as the tools Superintendent Zais needed to complete his task.

There were other interesting things about this article at The State, but they were in the comments. One comment from that article that I’d like to highlight hits on the new narrative of Common Core Supporters: Continue reading

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NC State Senator Politicizes His Vote Against Common Core Repeal

The only ones ‘politicizing’ Common Core are the supporters, in particular in North Carolina it appears to be mainly elected officials. Yet another example – Senator Jeff Jackson who serves Mecklenburg County who was appointed at the beginning of May.

Voters in that area might want to remember this moment, where Mr. Jackson just marginalized parents, teachers and students across the state in an attempt to score political points:

Just voted against repealing Common Core. This bill was about conservative politics, not sound education policy. #ncga #ncpol

— Sen. Jeff Jackson (@JeffJacksonNC) July 10, 2014

Parents, remember who voted to keep your kid chained to a fundamentally flawed experiment => #ncpol #ncga

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) July 11, 2014 Continue reading

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Bill Gates Demonstrates His Hyperbole Skills

Today I was reminded of  this phrase my mom used to use: “When you feel like you’re being run out of town, get out in front of the crowd and make it look like a parade.” I think Bill Gates … Continue reading

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