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The Coming Mainstream Media Rude Awakening

Barack Obama has dictated to reporters what their job is, has denied access to them and has scolded them. Biden even shoved one in a closet.

They were amateur hour, apparently.

Below is a rather pungent hint of what a Trump Presidency will look like for the mainstream media, based on how he treats them now. (Via NY Times Interactive) Continue reading

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Project Veritas’s 3rd Video is Vindication for Common Core Fighters

Those of us fighting Common Core who have noted the bias, the questionable origins and complained about the ridiculous methods and supporting materials have been ridiculed, slammed, insulted and called every name in the book over the last five years.

From unicorns to tinfoil hats to Common Core writers telling parents to ‘butt out’, Common Core opposition (mainly outraged parents and teachers) has endured a non-stop bashing by Common Core supporters.

Shorter: ‘SHUT UP!’, explained Common Core supporters.

Well, vindication is now ours.

WATCH THE VIDEO… Continue reading

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N&O Editorial Board: Common Core Not To Blame – Teachers, Parents and Students Are.

News & Observer editorial board is just about as clueless on Common Core at the Wake County School board. Check out this pile of dung they call an op-ed.

Nothing is Common Core’s fault, ya’ll.

KEEP READING Continue reading

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