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Common Core Public Relations 101

Uh oh, someone is bearing false witness again.

CC June False Witness
In response to a blog post I did over at about CCSSO President elect/NC State Superintendent Dr. Atkinson’s out of touch reply to a Tweet of mine, a parent copied and pasted a reply they received from Atkinson.

To sum it up, here’s the formula being used:

Tell the person everything they think is false, i.e., you’re a liar.
Use the debunked Common Core talking points to prove those claims are false.
Offer no proof you are right and they are wrong, just ask questions back that are false comparisons and red herrings.
Confuse people by pointing them to a website that has a such a non-specific search engine that it will keep them busy looking for what they asked for in their letter for the better part of a year. This will hopefully make them lose interest.
Declare victory.
This is Common Core Public Relations 101. Continue reading

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New Fundraising Tactic: Cursing For Clay

Want to attend a Clay Aiken fundraising event? You need to meet certain criteria.

Bring money
Be a Democrat or Liberal
Have a tolerance for F-bombs

Also, stick around to see Aiken’s interview with the News and Observer Continue reading

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Occupy Monday GA – Chant-tastic!

They waved signs made on bed sheets and generally channeled Occupy Wallstreet by chanting: “The people united will never be defeated!”
Occupy Monday GA => “Hundreds” chanting: The people united will never be defeated! | Veooz 360

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) April 20, 2014 Continue reading

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Wake County Man Fires Back at News & Observer For Common Core Smears

The News and Observer (N&O) recently published a staff Op-Ed taking aim at the opposition to Common Core after the last NC General Assembly Common Core LRC meeting. The N&O’s article was little more than a set of smears on those who spoke out at the meeting. The clear intent of that editorial was to make opposition to Common Core look like a bunch of conspiracy theory or religious nuts. We are not.

You can read my take-down of the N&O’s hit piece here:

@NewsObserver Pens Cherry Picking, Outlandish Op-Ed Attacking Common Core Opposition

The following is a letter I received and was given permission to publish here on the blog. It was sent to multiple parties involved in the ongoing controversy surrounding The Common Core State Standards in North Carolina. It was also sent to the N&O, however I have not seen it published yet. If it is, I will link it here.
I’d like to thank Mr. Bruno for sharing this with me and allowing me to post it on the blog.

The letter is as follows, unedited and in full: Continue reading

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Moral Monday FL Recycled Rhetoric

Well, I told you last Spring that Rev. Barber and his BlueprintNC pals would try to spread Moral Monday. So far, little outcroppings of it have sprung up in Georgia, New York and Alabama. Now we have one in Florida, which displays the rhetoric and theatrics of the NC version we’ve come to tune out.

Some quick examples: Continue reading

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