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Alamance County Dem’s #WarOnWomen?

Here at Lady Liberty 1885, we get all kinds of comments. Some supportive, some constructive, some humorous and then we have the rather vile and nasty.

I’ve been sitting on writing about a set of comments for a while now made by one individual, I don’t really believe in exposing personal information about people who comment here. Having said that, this person needs exposing.

I’ve been called a “teabilly” and an “asshole” by none other than Democrat William Franklin, current parlimentarian for the North Carolina Senior Democrats, long time member of the Alamance Democrat Party and was 2nd Vice Chair for Alamance in 2012. Franklin is also a member of the Democrat State Executive Committee (SEC). You might remember him sticking up for David Parker during that messy sexual harassment scandal — read Franklin’s SEC letter defending Parker here. Note at the bottom, the email address matches the comments made here at LL1885 blog:

Bill Franklin
SEC Member, Alamance County
2nd Vice Chair, 6th Democratic Congressional District

William A. Franklin
806 Warwick Court
Burlington, NC 27215

So, after a sexual harassment scandal hits his party not so long ago, Franklin’s moved on to a war on women bloggers? How fitting.

Keep reading… see the comments. Continue reading

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NCGA Dem Senator’s Aide Goes On Bigoted Rant

The News and Observer ran an article on May 10th entitled, Sen. Phil Berger, self-made and self-certain, is likely the most powerful politician in NC. The article profiled the Senator and highlighted his background and rise as Senate President Pro Tem. The article itself isn’t what caught people’s eye, but a rather inappropriate and at times bigoted rant in the comments by an aide to another NC General Assembly Senator.
That aide is Vicki Spears and she’s the legislative assistant to Senator Michael Walters, who serves the 13th district.

Below are the comments she made on the above mentioned article. In them, Ms. Spears calls Republicans ‘ignorant’, ‘evil’, ‘racist’ and lauds North Carolina as a ‘progressive’ state. She even throws in some Koch brothers at the end as proof of outside spending. Clearly, Ms. Spears is unaware of the barrels of Democrat Dark Money pouring in for Kay Hagan. Ms. Spears also launches an assault on another commenter with the line, “You must be a white old man like the idiot repubs in public office.”
Charming. Continue reading

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Common Core Public Relations 101

Uh oh, someone is bearing false witness again.

CC June False Witness
In response to a blog post I did over at about CCSSO President elect/NC State Superintendent Dr. Atkinson’s out of touch reply to a Tweet of mine, a parent copied and pasted a reply they received from Atkinson.

To sum it up, here’s the formula being used:

Tell the person everything they think is false, i.e., you’re a liar.
Use the debunked Common Core talking points to prove those claims are false.
Offer no proof you are right and they are wrong, just ask questions back that are false comparisons and red herrings.
Confuse people by pointing them to a website that has a such a non-specific search engine that it will keep them busy looking for what they asked for in their letter for the better part of a year. This will hopefully make them lose interest.
Declare victory.
This is Common Core Public Relations 101. Continue reading

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New Fundraising Tactic: Cursing For Clay

Want to attend a Clay Aiken fundraising event? You need to meet certain criteria.

Bring money
Be a Democrat or Liberal
Have a tolerance for F-bombs

Also, stick around to see Aiken’s interview with the News and Observer Continue reading

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Occupy Monday GA – Chant-tastic!

They waved signs made on bed sheets and generally channeled Occupy Wallstreet by chanting: “The people united will never be defeated!”
Occupy Monday GA => “Hundreds” chanting: The people united will never be defeated! | Veooz 360

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) April 20, 2014 Continue reading

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