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#DM7 Article: Hagan Attempting To Manufacture Outrage In #NCSEN

This is a reposting of my weekly article at Da Tech Guy blog: Hagan Attempting To Manufacture Outrage In #NCSEN   By A.P. Dillon Given the busy week Kay Hagan (D-NC) is having, a dispatch from the NC Senate race is due … Continue reading

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A Look At The #NC23 Senate Race (PT 2)

Earlier this week, I started a look at the NC-23 Senate race between Valerie Foushee, the current appointment to the seat, and Mary Lopez-Carter, the challenger.

In the previous installment, we covered Valerie Foushee. This installment will cover Mary Lopez-Carter.

About Mary Lopez-Carter Continue reading

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CMS Schools Still Pushing Sales Tax Issue; Using School Resources?

More politicking being done in our schools.

A citizen on Twitter alerted me that CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg) schools are still pushing the sales tax referendum out to parents. It should be questioned if school resources were being employed to do so.

Here is the tweet containing a picture of the letter parents received from the J.M Alexander principal. It invites parents to join CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison at a meeting about the proposed sales tax increase:

I challenge teachers-provide “living wage” math problem using common core math. @LadyLiberty1885

— Rebecca Smith (@TriBecca1014) October 2, 2014

These letters were not the only form of communication used.

Robo-calls were made as well. Continue reading

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A Look At The #NC23 Senate Race

The NC legislature’s Senate race in District 23 offers two women candidates this election cycle, challenger Mary Lopez-Carter (R) and the woman currently holding the seat, Valerie Foushee (D). There will be two parts to the look at this race. In this installment, we’ll look at Valerie Foushee.

About Valerie Foushee
Foushee was appointed to the NC General Assembly to replace Senator Ellie Kinnaird when she resigned in 2013. Foushee left her House seat (District 50) to do so. That move put liberal Graig Meyer into Foushee’s vacant House seat. Foushee was a freshman Representative when she was appointed to the Senate.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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The Cabarrus Commissioner And The Library Suspensions

More fun at the Cabarrus County Commissioners latest meeting. Morris, Honeycutt and Cabarrus Jobs Now in the news again.

From Jason Oesterreich’s blog:

Time and time again, Commissioner Morris and Cabarrus Jobs Now have been caught lying and deceiving our voters (Commissioner Morris and soon-to-be-commissioner Diane Honeycutt co-founded Cabarrus Jobs Now together as a Political Action Committee).

When evil uses lies and deceit to take power from the innocent and unknowing, we must stand against it.

This morning, the Independent Tribune published an article stating that Commissioner Morris’s lies resulted in two library employees being suspended for 3 days each. Also, in response to such behavior, the county manager had to send out a memorandum to county volunteers and the public stating, “First and foremost I want to apologize for any false, inaccurate, or misrepresentation of factual information that may have been distributed to you from our library staff.” Commissioner Morris used the library staff and our county volunteers to spread lies.

There’s quite a bit more and video at the link.

Don’t bother going to the Cabarrus Jobs Now site, as of this morning it’s “Down until further notice.” Someone page Diane Honeycutt to get that fixed:

KEEP READING.. THERE’S MORE. Continue reading

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