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#NCDEMS Go After County Commissioners Race, Launch “More With Four”

Update: Welcome Carolina Plott Hound Readers!   NC Democrats have launched a site called “More with Four”. The four refers to four candidates the Democrats are pushing to get on the County Commissioners board. News and Observer had a short piece up … Continue reading

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NC Supreme Court Race Turning Nasty?

y law, the current Chief Justice of North Carolina has to step down when they turn 72. The current Chief Justice passes that birthday this August, which has prompted the Governor to appoint Justice Mark Martin (who is also a candidate for the slot) to fill the void temporarily until the general election in November. This turn of events has the other candidate on the ticket making some angry sounding statements:

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Surreal Moment: Claude Pope and Clay Aiken At Same Event

This past Monday, I attended a Policy Matters USA (PMUSA) meeting in Cary, North Carolina. For those unfamiliar with PMUSA, it’s a group formed by former NC02 Congressional Candidate, Frank Roche. PMUSA is about raising awareness and engaging in discussion on policy issues facing both the nation and North Carolina. Check out their website for more details.

I’ve been a speaker at PMUSA before and talked to their group about Common Core. The format is three speakers who give a short talk and then answer a few questions from the audience. Last night’s line-up included GOP Chairman Claude Pope, author C. Edmund Wright and NC02 Democrat candidate Clay Aiken. Yep, you read that correctly. The GOP Chairman and the Democrat trying to unseat Renee Ellmers spoke at the same event. It was a bit surreal. Continue reading

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Kay Hagan Has A Middle Class Problem

noun informal
Shameless audacity; impudence.
See also: Kay Hagan

We’re taking our fight for NC middle class families all the way through November. RT to share: #NCSEN

— Kay Hagan (@kayhagan) February 25, 2014

Hagan’s tweet timeline is littered with people calling out Hagan. The above is just one example. How about those 500,000 North Carolinians who lost their health insurance under Hagan? Was that fighting for the middle class? No. That was fighting for Obaam’s agenda.

Let’s expand on her “middle class” statement with some facts about what Democrats have done for the middle class, courtesy of the NRSC:

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#DM7 Article: Dems Panic – Push $9 Mil Into NC Senate Race

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy Column: Dems Panic – Push $9 Mil Into NC Senate Race

By A.P. Dillon

Apparently, Senate Democrats have noticed that “nondescript, virtually unnoticed, hugely important Senate race” in North Carolina and have hit the panic button. Scratch that, they are pounding on the panic button to the tune of $9 million dollars and a negative ad campaign blitz that will have fact checkers drooling. Will that money help? Time will tell, but it didn’t help Elizabeth Dole who outspent Hagan by $6 million in 2008 and lost by 8 points.

Jennifer Duffy of the Cook Political Report sees Hagan’s campaign having to go with negative with ads and this large of a money dump points to a candidate in trouble. Continue reading

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