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Gov. McCrory: Commissions For Me, But Not For Thee

There are a lot of Republicans in North Carolina scratching their heads over Pat McCrory’s governorship thus far.

The most recent example is Governor McCrory suing the legislature over their ability to appoint independent boards and commissions.

One has to ask, what purpose does this stunt hold? And yes, I would qualify this action as a stunt and a transparent one at that.

Senator Jerry Tillman didn’t go as far as to call it a stunt in his newsletter, but it was close. Here’s the relevant excerpt, emphasis added at the bottom is mine:


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A lot of Spin on NC Spin Post-Election Episode

The amount of spin by Chris Fitzsimon in this episode is worth watching. John Locke’s Becki Gray does a nice job redirecting some of his comments.

The idea that this election was a refutation by voters of Obama’s policies was undeniable.


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North Carolina Midterms 2014

North Carolina Midterm Election Roundup for 2014

Key take-aways:

North Carolina made history last night with a new high for midterm voter turn out.
Thom Tillis defeated Kay Hagan.
Renee Ellmers defeated Clay Aiken.
The General Assembly kept a super majority in both houses.
Wake County Commissioner races were won by all four Democrats running. Be afraid for your wallet, people. Don’t complain I didn’t warn you about these people when they start to hike your taxes.
Chief Justice Mark Martin defeated Judge Ola Lewis. Other Judicial races were not so good for Republicans.
See my Storify Article, North Carolina Races 2014 , for statistics on these key points.

A breakout of the Wake County Commissioners race will be coming. Stay tuned. Continue reading

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#NC50 House Race: Chaney vs Meyer

A little under a year ago, Graig Meyer was appointed to the NC General Assembly for district 50.

Appointed. Not elected.

District 50 now has the opportunity to remove Meyer before he does any more damage. Check out his opponent, Rod Chaney.

Since that appointment, he’s seemingly pushed nothing but far Left liberal ideas and towed his party’s line. His escapades include supporting the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core standards. Meyer claims to oppose over-testing, yet Common Core is jam-packed with that. The guy is clueless.

I watched Meyer spout debunked pro-core talking point after talking point at an NCGA Common Core legislative research committee meeting this past Spring. He ignored the pleas of the parents who came to speak out and instead, championed a set of copyrighted standards and the unaccountable D.C. trade groups who own them.

Dear Rep. Meyer – 40 of the 60 ppl who testified at LRC OPPOSED the standards. #Politicizing #hb1061 #stopcommoncore #ncga

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 3, 2014

Not surprising, since Mr. Meyer only represents like-minded people and likes to play politics with our kids. Check out this rather hateful tweet. Does Mr. Meyer realize his attempt to smear opposition includes parents, teachers and students from ALL walks of life? Apparently not:

If Tea Party #Common Core haters would read the NYTimes, they should read this. Why Do Americans Stink at Math? — Graig Meyer (@GraigMeyer) July 25, 2014

KEEP READING… There is A LOT more…
Hit the tip jar! Continue reading

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NC NAACP Email About “Prophet” Barber Dances On Non-profit Legal Line

This email from Al McSurely is very close to electioneering for a particular candidate, which a non-profit like the NC NAACP is barred from doing. As an attorney, McSurely should know this.
Scroll down to the bottom. I’ve got a bit of commentary to add.


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