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Paging Senator Tom Udall…Grass Roots Calling

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall has a couple of challengers for the upcoming 2014 election. In addition to candidates challenging Senator Udall, we’re also seeing grass-roots websites popping up questioning New Mexicans on the Senator — Do You Know Udall? Continue reading

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My “CHAT” With An Obamacare Navigator….

My current insurance ends on December 31st and I’m not sure what insurance program I can or will be on. October 1st I went on to the Health Care Exchange site to “see what was in it”. (Kinda like Nancy Pelosi, but not). Like the majority of Americans I ran into the “Please Be Patient”, and “We are experiencing a lot of Traffic” page. I couldn’t even get to the site to create a profile for my Log In. It wasn’t until 11:30 pm that night I finally broke through the glitches and exhaustive wait time to accomplish my task of creating my user profile so I could then check out what the A.C.A. had to offer. After the steps of providing my email, creating a user name, password, and setting up security questions I received an email back after midnight on Wednesday Oct. 2nd stating:

Your Marketplace account has been created. There is one more step left before you can use your account. Click on this link to verify your email address…

I clicked on the link provided and was sent to the Log In screen, typed in my user name and password and waited. Nothing. I tried this again twice a day every day until this morning. I went on to the exchange site, got to the log in screen and the system did not recognize my user name nor password and prompted me to start over. Right at about that point I was not happy, nor in the mood to fight it; so I started over. Then I was notified that the email used is already in the system. I will not repeat the expletives yelled at my computer. My last-ditch effort was to open the “Live Chat” function on the screen and speak to one of the Navigators. Here is what transpired over the 12 minute conversation. Continue reading

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Occupy 2.0: Santa Fe Edition

Santa Fe, New Mexico is what some would call the “Jewel of the Southwest” culture. It boasts some of the best art galleries, restaurants, and historical sites dating back some 300 years. However, over the past couple decades its culture changed from historic “Old Town” allure to the more “Aspen like resort” washing itself with a liberal vibe and a massive influx of money that ultimately has changed its landscape. Its highlights are the homes of some of the elite of Hollywood and recently was voted the 5th most Snobby city in the nation, San Fransisco being number one.

The northern city in the “Land of Enchantment” also has another notch it can count on its belt. The posh, southwestern cultural Santa Fe has its own Occupy group. This encampment began out of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and, as with all the off shoots of the original OWS, Occupy Santa Fe protested big banks, big oil, and big money. Occupy Santa Fe think that Bradley manning is a Hero to the cause, Monsanto will destroy the world and anything with the word Nuclear is evil. Like Occupy Wall Street, they also protested on the raising the minimum wage in the city. Continue reading

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