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A Case Study In NC Media Bias

For anyone doubting media bias is real in North Carolina, consider the case of WNCT reported, Jessica Jewell reporting nearly verbatim material supplied to her by far Left outfit, Progress NC.

I asked the question:

So did @JessicaWNCT plagiarize Progress NC Comms director piece or did they just give it to her to re-print? @wnct9

— A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) January 15, 2016

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NC Lt. Governor Doesn’t Take Media Spin Lying Down – #nced #ncpol

Gotta love Lt. Governor Dan Forest. He’s been a straight shooter since day one and continues to be. Even in the face of clear media bias and spin, he refuses to back down.

Forest predicted at the January State Board of Education meeting that the media would use this report in a spintastic way.

Dr. Terry Stoops noted that Forest said the report would, “the fuel the media uses for the next year to criticize whatever we’re doing.”

The Lt. Governor’s predication came true.

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Anonymous Little Birdie Dumps A WRAL/Goodmon Gem In My Inbox – #ncpol

An anonymous little birdie dropped this in my inbox last night. I reached out Mr. Diaz to authenticate and was told it was real. So I’m publishing it.
Glad to see someone being proactive about the Blueprint NC cabal and their obvious media ties and bias. For those interested after reading the letter below, here’s my archive on Blueprint NC.
———- Forwarded message ———-
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