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News and Observer Shills For BEST NC

Apparently BEST NC’s PR firm, EducationNC, isn’t high profile enough to get the right amount of spin out.

The News and Observer had to be called in to do a cloying op-ed praising them. It starts out slapping around Republicans and then offers BEST NC as the solution. Read it here and be sure to check out the comments.

This op ed, of course, is setting the stage for when Rep. Graig Meyer rolls out his ‘big bill’. It is more narrative driving of education by a non-governmental organization or NGO.

BEST NC is an NGO; An unelected and publicly unaccountable entity.

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All Around The Education Bush, The Monkey Chased The Weasel

This morning, I saw a tweet from BEST NC promoting an article at their PR Firm, EducationNC:

The first of @GraigMeyer’s 3-part series on education reform in #NorthCarolina is on @EdNC. Click here to read it:

— BEST NC (@BESTNCorg) March 18, 2015

SAS backed outfits promoting a series by a Rep. introducing a bill based on their work. Cozy. #nced

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 18, 2015

Oh good three whole articles. This first one is titled, The ongoing search for real common ground in education. I can summarize it for you:

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#DM7: What You Think You Know

This is a reposting of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column, What You Think You Know.

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Concern Over 4th Grade Books? NC Media To The Rescue.

In the past week, books assigned to 4th graders at a Wake County school have made national headlines, but local media didn’t cover it until that happened.

Now that the story is out there and Wake County Schools are under the microscope, the coverage can arguably be characterized as ‘media to the rescue’.

Note the title at the News and Observer already sets the narrative, Some books at Cary school draw complaints from conservatives. Gosh, what assumptions will the reader make from that title, before they even read the article? One can gauge that just by reading the comments section.


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More Narratives from EducationNC’s Founder

Who has the power?

Not the people.

More narratives from Education NC’s founder; skips the fact Education in NC is being driven by business and the money they wield.

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