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Paging Senator Tom Udall…Grass Roots Calling

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall has a couple of challengers for the upcoming 2014 election. In addition to candidates challenging Senator Udall, we’re also seeing grass-roots websites popping up questioning New Mexicans on the Senator — Do You Know Udall? Continue reading

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Rise Of New Media In North Carolina

Who says “Just a Blogger” can’t make a difference?

MT @DailyHMblog: Rise of new media in NC politics @PeteKaliner @NCPlottHound @sistertoldjah @LadyLiberty1885 #ncga

— Tim Moffitt (@TimMoffitt) April 11, 2014 Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Way the Media Manipulates the Way We Think About Guns

The following is a guest post by reader Darren Davis. This is not a paid submission and may not necessarily represent the views of It is an opinion article. Inquiries or submissions from readers can be sent to

The Way the Media Manipulates the Way We Think About Guns

By Darren Davis

America is at war right now. There are people that are fighting tooth and nail to deny our right to the 2nd Amendment. There is no way we can deny that there has been an abundance of violence lately. We have the shooting in Aurora, the Sandy Hook Shooting, the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the list goes on and on. As tragic as these events are, the media seems to be looking at things the wrong way. By doing this, we have legislators that are actually suggesting that we place limits on our right to bears arms. This reaction is heavy-handed and isn’t going to solve the actual problem. Continue reading

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Wake County Man Fires Back at News & Observer For Common Core Smears

The News and Observer (N&O) recently published a staff Op-Ed taking aim at the opposition to Common Core after the last NC General Assembly Common Core LRC meeting. The N&O’s article was little more than a set of smears on those who spoke out at the meeting. The clear intent of that editorial was to make opposition to Common Core look like a bunch of conspiracy theory or religious nuts. We are not.

You can read my take-down of the N&O’s hit piece here:

@NewsObserver Pens Cherry Picking, Outlandish Op-Ed Attacking Common Core Opposition

The following is a letter I received and was given permission to publish here on the blog. It was sent to multiple parties involved in the ongoing controversy surrounding The Common Core State Standards in North Carolina. It was also sent to the N&O, however I have not seen it published yet. If it is, I will link it here.
I’d like to thank Mr. Bruno for sharing this with me and allowing me to post it on the blog.

The letter is as follows, unedited and in full: Continue reading

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Charlotte Observer Reprints Misleading Common Core Article

The day of the NC General Assembly Common Core hearing, we had WRAL smear the opposition to the Common Core Standards by choosing to run with the one person who showed up toting an over-sized Bible. Yesterday, the News and Observer had an unsigned Op-Ed from their staff smearing the parents, grandparents, children, teachers and concerned citizens who came out to express their concerns over the Common Core Standards.

Now, we have the Charlotte Observer reprinting another unsigned Op-Ed from the News and Record staff. The title this time is, Uncommonly irrational Common Core fears and it is nearly the same smear piece, just with the pieces moved around. It makes a lot of false claims about what was said and doesn’t address ANY of the repeated concerns of the parents who came to speak out.

Why is the media smearing opposition like this? Why aren’t they covering the actual concerns? Because that would require them to defend the standards — and they can’t.
So the plan becomes: Shut Up. Continue reading

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