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Scotland Cty Board of Ed Confused On Common Core

The Scotland County Board of Education is confused on Common Core. They seem to think it’s a great idea and that the repeal of it is a bad idea. The following excerpts come from The Laurinburg Exchange’s article, School board decries state’s decision to repeal Common Core.

Scotland County’s Board seem more worried about the monkeying they are doing with test scores than with the fact Common Core is a fundamentally flawed experiment being performed on our kids. Here’s Board member Jamie Southerland expressing his test angst: Continue reading

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News and Observer’s John Frank Can’t Get Common Core Stories Right

Another day, another News and Observer Common Core fiasco. John Frank has gotten really skilled at regurgitating talking points instead of actual reporting. I could pick this latest attempt down line by line, but frankly I don’t have the time to waste. I will hit highlights instead. This section bothered me: Continue reading

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Liberals Have Forgotten Long Nightmare

Just a quick note on the IRS by Liberty Speaks: Phoney scandal, not a smidgeon of corruption, there’s nothing there-there, or my personal favorite, Republican witch hunt.   These statements have been thrown around now for over a year.  It … Continue reading

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Occupy Monday – The Final Countdown

Diminishing returns. That’s Occupy Monday in a nutshell right now.

Turn out has been low and that’s being kind. Multiple arrestees had some nasty prior records. The public is tuning out their ‘big government is the answer, Amen!’ schtick. Local media coverage less than enthusiastic — even from the official Occupy Monday outlet, WRAL. National media has pretty much blown them off.

Maybe it’s the increasingly radical, hyperbolic rhetoric or perhaps it is because Moral Monday has truly morphed into what I’ve said it was all along: A revival of Occupy. It certainly would seem so given the announcement (scroll down)– “teach-in”. That’s very Occupyish. About the only things missing now are a drum circle, Mic-checks and someone relieving themselves in public.

Well we’re coming up on the final Moral Monday… we hope.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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#NCGA Rep. Brandon Repeats Racist Smear Of Common Core Opposition

Rep. Marcus Brandon and his cohorts have continually made references that opposition to Common Core in North Carolina oppose President Obama. The subtext of that reference is if we oppose the President, we therefore must be racists. More shutuppery. More politicizing.

I find it disgusting an elected official would attack parents, students, teachers, student, grandparents, military personnel and other concerned citizens in North Carolina in such a manner, yet he’s done it again:

“Other Democrats accused the Republican majority of pouncing on misunderstandings about the program to undermine President Barack Obama, who supports it.

“We’re using this bill to appease about 20 percent of the population that’s very upset about something that’s been misconstrued,” Democratic state Rep. Marcus Brown said.” – Watauga Democrat

This kind of behavior out of an elected official should be called out on the carpet. Not just the rhetoric, but the ignorance about the role of this administration in this whole fiasco. Continue reading

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