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For $40,658 a Year, Your Child Can Learn to Play Dead on a Quad

Last night I tweeted out that for $39, 532 a year, your child can play dead on a college quad. I was talking about Ithaca College students, who held a die-in on the quad in ‘solidarity’ with University of Missouri students.

I apparently missed a rate hike put into place this past Spring. Continue reading

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What In The Actual Hell Is This? Is It Common Core Aligned?

What in the actual Hell is this?

WATCH: Teacher Uses the “Whip/NaeNae” to Help Kids Learn Vocabulary

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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When Sanctuary City Proponents Attack? – #hb318 #ncpol

Have the opinion that Sanctuary cities are bad policy, get your business, staff and family threatened.

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein, a latino woman, dared to have such an opinion and that is exactly what happened. Folks, fight back by hitting her donation page.

Via Facebook, here is what she reported and included a Spanish translation below the original: Continue reading

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