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‘Our Schools First’ Mailers Feature Kids With Bond Vote Signs

The use of kids as political props is revolting, yet here we have Our Schools First doing it yet again. See below. The flip side of this mailer can be viewed here.


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This Is How Moral Monday Is Trying To Stay Relevant

This is how Moral Monday is trying to stay relevant. Using an already charged situation in another state to get arrested for media attention.

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CMS Schools Still Pushing Sales Tax Issue; Using School Resources?

More politicking being done in our schools.

A citizen on Twitter alerted me that CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg) schools are still pushing the sales tax referendum out to parents. It should be questioned if school resources were being employed to do so.

Here is the tweet containing a picture of the letter parents received from the J.M Alexander principal. It invites parents to join CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison at a meeting about the proposed sales tax increase:

I challenge teachers-provide “living wage” math problem using common core math. @LadyLiberty1885

— Rebecca Smith (@TriBecca1014) October 2, 2014

These letters were not the only form of communication used.

Robo-calls were made as well. Continue reading

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It’s Come To This: Multicultural Crayons

Not The Onion:

Multicultural Crayons. No joke. We have arrived in NC public schools@tracieeeeee @blackrepublican @LadyLiberty1885

— Nathan J. Moore (@NJMIPO) September 29, 2014 Continue reading

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Common Core Pushing Governor: We Need More Truck Drivers

This past Thursday, NC Governor Pat McCrory made some interesting statements regarding our kids future careers while taking a stab at lawyers and journalists. The Governor said we need more truck drivers.

No, really.

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