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Think Progress Invokes Bush in Defending Obama Mosque Visit

When the White House announced Obama’s plan to finally visit a US mosque, Muslim Americans like Zudhi Jasser, of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy and some 2016 Republican candidates came out criticizing the choice of the mosque in question.

Liberal site ThinkProgress did a story defending Obama’s visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore and attacking Republican Presidential candidate Senator Marco Rubio (FL) for criticizing Obama’s speech at the mosque while at a Town Hall in NH:

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Charlotte Residents Start Petition To Stop City Council’s Transgender Bathroom Proposal

A petition to stop Charlotte’s city council from adding transgender individuals to the city’s non-discrimination policy has been started. Continue reading

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For $40K a Year, You Too Can Professional Protest For Education

For $4oK a year, you too can protest the republican legislature.. err, I mean protest for “education” and recruit others to help you.

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