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So What Does Moral Monday Do Now?

This week, the Reverend Barber and his merry band of big government, big spending extreme leftists got their asses handed to them when North Carolinians headed to the polls.

Rev. William BarberThe big cries about ‘voter suppression’ utterly fell flat. Almost nothing changed at the General Assembly. Hagan was shown the door. Moral Monday racked up arrests for what exactly? Oh, right – so Barber could get a book and film out of it and more air-time on MSNBC.

Hey MoMo’s? Are you seeing any money out of those deals?

Barber is continuing his ineffective haranguing, but one can’t help laugh at this point.

Check out the dueling headlines:


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Gird Your Wallet: Wake County Commissioner Races 2014

The Moral Monday candidates took the Wake County Commissioner races last night.
Gird your wallets, people.

Frankly, I don’t know what Wake voters were thinking. These Moral Monday candidates ran under the banner of ‘More with Four’. Well, the ‘More’ in that title is more taxes. When those tax increases, mass transit boondoggles and bond referendums start to come, don’t complain to me. I warned you.

As for the NC GOP. Shame on you. You neglected these races and it look what happened.

These Moral Monday candidates didn’t have enough experience to full a thimble and instead of promoting the Republicans like you did last cycle, you seemingly blew it off. Now these big government, big spending, social justice crusaders are in control of our taxes.

@NCGOP The lack of push behind the Wake comissioner candidates + lack of calling out biased N&O = Why you lost. Those were LAYUPS. #ncpol

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 5, 2014

Excuse the typo in the above tweet. Note to self, don’t type angry.

Across all four races, the party candidate numbers looked like this:


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Barber Accuses GOP of Race-baiting by Holding Him Accountable To His Own Demands

Reverend Barber’s deck is all race cards.

Now his own agenda and words, when applied to those who follow and support him are also racist. See how that works?

Rev. Barber: HOW DARE YOU USE MY OWN AGENDA AND WORDS AGAINST ME?! #ncpol #ncga #MoralMonday #LOL

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) November 4, 2014 Continue reading

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Project Veritas In NC Leads to Investigation by State Board Of Elections

Another shoe did indeed drop. Porject Veritas and James O’Keefe swept into North Carolina and uncovered multiple campaign workers encouraging illegal immigrants to vote for Kay Hagan. This activity has prompted an investigation by the NC State board of elections

Congrats to @JamesOKeefeIII for triggering NC SBoE probe: #ncpol @LadyLiberty1885 @sistertoldjah #tcot

— Voter Integrity (@VoteChecker) November 2, 2014

For several years now, the Voter Integrity Project in North Carolina has been doing the heavy lifting of identifying people who should not be on North Carolina’s voter roles. VIP has even developed a tool citizens can use to see if a ‘phantom voter’ lives at their address.

KEEP READING — See Molotov Mitchell running for #NC16 find a Phantom voter at his address – NCNAACP breaking law with voter guides? Continue reading

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#NC50 House Race: Chaney vs Meyer

A little under a year ago, Graig Meyer was appointed to the NC General Assembly for district 50.

Appointed. Not elected.

District 50 now has the opportunity to remove Meyer before he does any more damage. Check out his opponent, Rod Chaney.

Since that appointment, he’s seemingly pushed nothing but far Left liberal ideas and towed his party’s line. His escapades include supporting the fundamentally flawed and experimental Common Core standards. Meyer claims to oppose over-testing, yet Common Core is jam-packed with that. The guy is clueless.

I watched Meyer spout debunked pro-core talking point after talking point at an NCGA Common Core legislative research committee meeting this past Spring. He ignored the pleas of the parents who came to speak out and instead, championed a set of copyrighted standards and the unaccountable D.C. trade groups who own them.

Dear Rep. Meyer – 40 of the 60 ppl who testified at LRC OPPOSED the standards. #Politicizing #hb1061 #stopcommoncore #ncga

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) June 3, 2014

Not surprising, since Mr. Meyer only represents like-minded people and likes to play politics with our kids. Check out this rather hateful tweet. Does Mr. Meyer realize his attempt to smear opposition includes parents, teachers and students from ALL walks of life? Apparently not:

If Tea Party #Common Core haters would read the NYTimes, they should read this. Why Do Americans Stink at Math? — Graig Meyer (@GraigMeyer) July 25, 2014

KEEP READING… There is A LOT more…
Hit the tip jar! Continue reading

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