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Moral Monday On A Wednesday – Again. Six Arrests – See Who They Are.

Moral Monday held another protest… on a Wednesday. Six were arrested. We’ll get to them, but first it appears that Occupy-fatigue syndrome is setting in – at least for the press.

The Associated Press put up a whole five sentences this time. Continue reading

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Chapel Hill Public Library To Host Panel On “Teaching Diversity to Children”

It’s Groundhog Day in Chapel Hill.

Publicly funded Chapel Hill Public Library will host a panel on “Teaching Diversity to Children” on July 8th featuring former Effland Cheek’s 3rd grade teacher, Omar Currie.

From the Chapel Hill Library website announcing the event:

KEEP READING Continue reading

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Hey, Associated Press? @WRAL? You Missed A Mug Shot

WRAL has an article about the recent changes to the North Carolina voter ID law. The star of their story is one Charise Dill who claims to be ‘disenfranchised’. Let’s look at that the claimant.

WRAL missed kind of a big piece of information… Continue reading

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