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About Those Groups Protesting #WCPSS’s Black Student Suspensions…

Three groups are protesting Wake County Schools discipline policies according to an article at News and Observer. Groups demand Wake County reduce black student suspensions – because it’s #WCPSS‘s fault or something. — A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) August … Continue reading

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A Free Press Is Essential To Liberty

Without argument, a free press is essential to maintaining liberty and democracy. It’s so important, it is included in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
A free press should also be a transparent and honest press.

Yesterday, a Policy Watch reporter was escorted out of the annual NCBCE meeting. An invitation went out, citing ‘credentialed’ press only.

Local media, News and Observer, reported on the turn of events, however, had a few glaring omissions in their article.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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Common Core Aligned: ‘Teaching Tolerance’ – PT 5

This is a multi-part series on certain Social Activism curriculum claiming to be aligned to Common Core as created by ‘Teaching Tolerance’, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. This is the final edition, part five. [Read: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four] Continue reading

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