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Yet ANOTHER Clueless Common Core Op-Ed From The Editorial Board – #NCed #StopCommonCore

The Editorial Board of News and Observer’s sister paper, Charlotte Observer, has apparently never heard of stopping digging when you’re already in a hole.

Another completely clueless ‘Common Core’ Editorial from the Editorial board.

Their latest: The Bittersweet Legacy of The Common Core

Faceplam StupidDear lord, stop it. The entire thing has tasted like the wrong end of a skunk from day one.


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What They’re Saying About Education In NC – 11/27/15 – #NCED

Education news from around the state of North Carolina and Beyond.

ACTION ITEM: @SpeakerRyan, Two Days To Vet 391 Pages Impacting Millions of Kids?
Highlights: School crime/violence continues in CMS, WCPSS areas, School choice surging, Governor McCrory steps up & joins Amicus Brief and an update on Special Snowflakes on College Campuses.

Reminder: The final Academic Standards Review Commission meeting is Friday, December 18th.

KEEP READING… THERE’S MORE…. Continue reading

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That Was Fast: @RoyCooperNC will NOT defend NC Children

Yesterday I wrote wondering if Attorney General Roy Cooper would stand up to the increasing overreach by the U.S. Department of Education (USED) by joining an amicus brief regarding the USED’s lawfare to force schools to allow transgender to basically pick their bathroom or locker room at will.

The same day, AG Cooper answered and that answer was to give North Carolina parents and kids the middle finger. Continue reading

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