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McCrory Temporary Chief Justice Appointment – Justice Martin

In case you’ve missed it, a new NC Supreme Court Justice will be elected this Fall. The candidates are Justice Mark Martin and Judge Ola Lewis.  Martin already serves on the NC Supreme Court and is considered the natural choice … Continue reading

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Kay Hagan Has A Middle Class Problem

noun informal
Shameless audacity; impudence.
See also: Kay Hagan

We’re taking our fight for NC middle class families all the way through November. RT to share: #NCSEN

— Kay Hagan (@kayhagan) February 25, 2014

Hagan’s tweet timeline is littered with people calling out Hagan. The above is just one example. How about those 500,000 North Carolinians who lost their health insurance under Hagan? Was that fighting for the middle class? No. That was fighting for Obaam’s agenda.

Let’s expand on her “middle class” statement with some facts about what Democrats have done for the middle class, courtesy of the NRSC:

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VIP: Over 700,000 NC Voters Are MIA

The Voter Integrity Project (VIP) has uncovered that over 700,000 North Carolina voters are missing in action. VIP notes that the NC Board of Elections has labeled these voters “inactive” instead of removing them from the voter rolls.

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Mitchell Campaign: “Don’t be a chump!”

The Mitchell campaign has a video out telling voters “Don’t be a chump!”. Its really rather well done and quite powerful.  The video takes aim at Democrats and their attempts to hide their past racism. As Mitchell is running against … Continue reading

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About That General Election Ballot…

A recent set of statements made by the campaign for Judge Ola Lewis regarding ballot order are not ringing quite true. The claim is being made that the Legislature have the NC Board of Elections the right to put Justice Mark Martin’s name first on the ballot.
The authority was given to the State Board of Elections to do so, that part is true.

This claim appears to be framed like an attack on one candidate, that part is not true.

Before this thing turns into a bruhaha, let’s clarify: This is not a change aimed at any one candidate. It applies to all candidates and provides continuity by bringing the General election and the primary election ballot processes into alignment.

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