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#KingDuncan Has Spoken! Threatens Peasants That The Government Will ‘Step In’

In case you missed it, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has expanded on his colorful rhetoric aimed at the peasants a.k.a, parents.

No longer is the ‘white suburban mom’ the target of his umbrage. Now any parent opting their kids out of the Common Core tests is fair game.

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Student ‘Health Assessment’ Helps ‘Track the Fat Kids’. Bonus: US is a Democracy?

I’ve warned people for a while now about HB 13 (Amend School Health Assessment Requirement) and the ramifications of the parental ‘consent’ signature block on the health form that the bill references.

Parents have been signing away the confidentiality between their child’s doctor to allow DHHS and DPI to contact the provider directly.
Now the data is being used to ‘track the fat kids’.

Why is education involved in the health profession? Why are kids failing basic information in courses like History and Civics ?

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Important Concerns With #HB660 – Transition To Personalized Digital Learning

Education bills have stacked up at the NC General Assembly. There are currently over 200 bills related to education that have been filed.
One bill filed is HB 660 – Transition To Personalized Digital Learning. This bill is being heard at the legislature today.

Over at, there is an article about this bill. Please, go read it.

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