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Article: New Level of Overreach: Government Report Recommends Schools Conduct “Home Visits”

The theme of government overreach is a familiar one, but not one that the average person really thinks about when it comes to education.

The levels of intrusion and overreach being exhibited by the US Dept. of Education have been increasing ever since it’s inception. However, that overreach has accelerated at an alarming rate in the last seven years.

Extensive data collection, expansion of big brother style programs, monitoring and tracking of student behaviors and the use of lawsuits to force compliance of social justice issues under the guise of Title IX are just a few of the ways the U.S. Dept. of Education has usurped authority and dictated outcomes for the states.

An article written by Kim Fink of Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association on these very issues caught my eye recently.

I’ve been given permission to repost the whole thing here on the blog. See below.

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GUEST POST: Marco Rubio fails to Walk the Talk

The following article is a Guest Post submitted by a North Carolinian wishing to remain anonymous.

Marco Rubio fails to Walk the Talk
Listen carefully to what Marco Rubio says. More importantly, watch what he does and note his inactions.

Marco Rubio fails to use his Senate job to carry the torch for liberty. He could stand and fight the status quo; instead he campaigns. Let’s take a look at the Omnibus Bill which was rammed through at the last-minute before Christmas. Rubio said he would have voted against it.

Do you really believe him?

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Guest Post: Buncombe County Schools, STEM and Food Labs

The following is a guest post of a Facebook comment by Mark Cates of Buncombe county. Mr. Cates has given his permission for his comment to be re-posted on this site.

Buncombe County schools has a massively expensive ‘Food lab renovation’ on the table.

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