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Paging Senator Tom Udall…Grass Roots Calling

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall has a couple of challengers for the upcoming 2014 election. In addition to candidates challenging Senator Udall, we’re also seeing grass-roots websites popping up questioning New Mexicans on the Senator — Do You Know Udall? Continue reading

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NC Supreme Court Races: Chief Justice Race

In my previous article, The NC Supreme Court Races, I outlined the main events and the candidates in each one. In this installment, I’ll be looking at the Chief Justice race. The current Chief Justice is Sarah Parker, who will be retiring this year on her 72nd birthday as per North Carolina state law. Running for this top position are Mark Martin and Ola Lewis. Whichever candidate is elected will serve for the next eight years. Here’s a closer to look, starting with ladies first. Continue reading

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Large District Superintendent’s Clique’s Letter to Pearson

The NC Large District Superintendent Consortium (NCLDSC) has a beef with Pearson and Powerschool. In a letter I obtained through a FOIA on the NCLDSC, it would seem Pearson’s Powerschool is not well thought of by the Large District Clique.

From that FOIA, it would seem that this Large District clique is working closely with NC New Schools and BEST NC. Both of which have promoted the Common Core or have ties to the NC Chamber of Commerce’s attempt to drown out parents on the topic– Hire Standards. More on that later, back to Powerschool.

According to the letter, the reps from Pearson have been rude and the NCLDSC is asking for “no charge” for the 2014-15 school year “as a good faith investment in our long-term partnership”. Continue reading

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Occupy Monday – Tennessee Edition

North Carolina’s Far Left protest movement has cropped up again. I’ve previously documented Moral Monday in Chicago, Wisconsin, New York, Florida and Georgia. We’ve even seen a Moral Monday protester selected to fill the late Senator Nesbitt’s seat at the North Carolina General Assembly. This time we’re seeing it in neighboring Tennessee. Continue reading

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The NC Supreme Court Races

The North Carolina Supreme Court races this year have gotten a little interesting and with the Republicans finally having control over the legislature and Governors mansion, the Democrats likely are turning their sights on a way influence the final stop … Continue reading

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