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Another Day, Another N&O Shill Piece

Another Day, Another N&O Shill Piece. You can set your watch by it.

Wow, Shill much? MT @newsobserver Editorial: Tillis is wrong and vague about NC’s minimum wage- #NCpol #RaiseTheWage

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) September 16, 2014

Love that hashtag – #RaiseTheWage. All the cool union front groups fomenting ire and leading strikes in order to pad their waning member ranks are using it.

Did someone say Union?

Hagan gets warm welcome at Raleigh labor event #ncpol #ncsen — Moral Mondays (@MoralMondays) September 16, 2014

Here comes the New media to clear up some of that bias…

KEEP READING — Especially If you live in reality and can do Math. Continue reading

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Hagan’s Mississippi Money

The American Spectator has an interesting article up about the antics going on in Mississippi which highlights the group ‘Mississippi Conservatives’ giving money to Democrats. It appears a lot of money in fact and to key vulnerable Democrats. Of note in the story is NC’s biggest complainer about ‘outside’ and ‘dark’ money, Kay Hagan.

Relevant section below, but read the whole thing at American Spectator: Continue reading

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NJ’s Booker Campaigns For Hagan In NC Church? (video)

Sounds like politics from the Pulpit at Mount Peace Baptist Church. I thought Democrats wanted religion out of politics?
[ VIDEO ] Continue reading

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Who Wants To Keep Your Kids Tied To Common Core At #NCGA?

Yesterday, HB 1061 passed the House. The Chamber of Commerce Core was there making noise and fear mongering hoping to kill the bill. Did it work? Who wants to keep our schools and children prostrate to two D.C. trade groups and to a flawed, experimental set of standards?
Who voted no to HB 1061?

Representative(s): Adams; Alexander; Baskerville; Bell, L.; Brandon; Carney; Cotham; Cunningham; Earle; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Floyd; Gill; Glazier; Goodman; Graham, C.; Graham, G.; Hall, D.; Hall, L.; Hamilton; Hanes; Harrison; Holley; Insko; Jackson; Lucas; Luebke; Meyer; Michaux; Mobley; Moore, R.; Pierce; Reives; Richardson; Terry; Tine; Tolson; Wilkins; Wray

Every single one of them is a Democrat.
Looks like the very people complaining about “politicizing” the standards have just drawn their own “politicizing” line in the sand… right over our children and their education. Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Far Left NC Dem Protests Return

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy column: Far Left NC Dem Protests Return


By A.P. Dillon

When I began writing here at DaTechGuy, I opened with a series of articles that laid out the landscape of the Left in North Carolina called “A Primer on The Left In NC”. You can read parts two, three and four. One of the main characters in that series is Reverend William Barber of the NC NAACP. He began a series of protests called “Moral Monday”, which in 2013 led to nearly 900 arrests at the NC General Assembly.

The list of complaints by this ‘movement’ are what one might expect — demands for more big government, more spending, more Medicaid, opposing the very popular Voter ID law and a sustained assault on the Republican leadership in the state through a strategy calling for activists to “cripple, eviscerat, pressure and slam” them. Moral Monday desperately wants to emulate the protests in Wisconsin, but to date have yet to do much besides become the punchline to local jokes. Continue reading

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