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Durham Schools Drops Teach For America

Here is an interesting tidbit. Durham schools has dropped their contract with Teach for America (TFA), citing the district no longer needs the group and that their turnover rate isn’t in line with the district’s retention goals.

The district has worked with TFA for the past decade and currently has 12 teachers from the program in local schools: Six at Southern School of Energy and Sustainability, four at Neal Magnet Middle School and two at Eastway Elementary School.

The Board of Education last month decided not to renew TFA’s contract, saying the district no longer needs the group’s help and that local schools need teachers willing to commit more than the two years TFA requires.

“We want to build a strong teacher workforce that’s made up of career educators,” school board Chairwoman Heidi Carter said Friday. “Our job is to look long term and make decisions that will benefit the most students over time.”

Carter said the inconsistency and turnover after TFA teachers leave can create problems, especially in high-risk schools where many of the teachers are placed.

“No organization in the business world builds its workforce from temp employees, and basically, that’s what this would be doing.” she said. – WRAL

This criticism about turnover is not new. Flashback to 2011 when Diane Ravitch spoke at Duke:


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Poll: McCrory Only Leads Cooper By 2

The Left in North Carolina is unimpressed. The Independents aren’t really digging him either. The Right? Well, this governor is bleeding supporters — especially over Common Core. Can’t say that the legislature is fond of him at the moment either – the song and dance about the coal ash commission being unconstitutional comes to mind.

Will Governor McCrory be a one hit wonder?

Sept. Poll – @PatMcCroryNC only leads by 2. Gee, maybe playing President Business/Jim Hunt II is backfiring? #ncpol

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Attn NC Common Core Fighters: Get To The First Commission Meeting

Are you fighting Common Core in North Carolina?
Come join the rest of us at the first Academic Standards Review Commission Meeting.

Stand in solidarity, Stop Common Core and
Monday, September 22nd
2:00 p.m. -4:00 p.m.
State Construction Office Conference Room, 4th Floor, Education Building
301 N. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC. Continue reading

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MO Ed Commissioner, Governor Sued By Citizens Over Common Core SBAC Test Funds

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Fred N. Sauer of Missouri is suing Governor Jay Nixon and other state officials over the $4.3 million paid to Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) in relation to the Common Core State Standards tests.

The editors of Missouri Education Watchdog have joined the suit as plaintiffs. The main points of the suit are the challenging of the use of taxpayer money for the SBAC, that the SBAC is an unconstitutional interstate compact and that Governor Nixon and Commissioner Nicastro’s conduct violated federal and state statutes. Nicastro announced her retirement just this past week.

Via Missouri Education Watchdog:

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NC Governor’s Common Core Commission Pick: Ralph Andre Peek

Yesterday, Governor McCrory finally made his Common Core commission pick, Ralph Andre Peek. The pick came 16 days beyond the date for the first meeting as laid out by the bill McCrory signed into law.
Strike one.

The first meeting is slated to take place this coming Monday, at the Department of Public Instruction.

The inaugural meeting will be held on Monday, September 22from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the State Construction Office conference room, fourth floor of the Education Building, 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh, NC.

The bill McCrory signed into law for this commission prohibits this. “Section 2.(a) – The commission shall be located administratively in the Department of Administration…”.
Strike two.

McCrory’s pick appears to be pretty much Pro-Common Core.
Ralph Andre Peek is businessman from the upper echelon of IBM who is tied to Pro-Core Teach for America, The NC Chamber’s Pro-Core ‘Hire Standards’, and the Pro-Core North Carolina Business Committee for Education (NCBCE).

Mr. Peek is listed an ‘unaffiliated” in political party registration. What is it with this Governor’s habit of not appointing folks from his own party? I can see 2016 now: Pat McCrory (U-NC).

KEEP READING… THERE IS A LOT MORE.. Unfortunately. Continue reading

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