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Pearson Is Everywhere: Protests, Financial Advice and Powerschool

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

The last installment was back in May when the Minnesota test was hacked. Much has happened in the world of Pearson since then. This will be a round-up of sorts. Continue reading

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Former CMS Superintendent Lands In Cushy McGraw Hill Senior VP Position

Former CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison must be a cat. Less than a month after being forced to resign due to misconduct allegations, he lands a cushy “Senior VP’ position at McGraw Hill. Continue reading

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Common Core Potemkin Village: Hope Street Group – Money and History

Yesterday, I started talking about a Common Core non-profit focused currently on teachers and training. That non-profit is called Hope Street Group.

I realized right out of the gate that Hope Street Group was going to be a multi-article project I’d have to break into chunks. So, today we’re going to take a look at the history, the players involved and follow the money… Continue reading

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