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is is a Guest Post from a concerned North Carolina Citizen.

Recently, I was following up on an associate’s suggestion about looking into digital textbooks. Do you know RED?

I stumbled upon “Project RED” from none other than the Pearson Foundation.
You may Pearsonnot know Pearson Foundation, but I’m sure you are familiar with Pearson Publishing. The very company set to make billions in profits connected to Common Core Standards. Since RED is such a friendly sort of ‘person’, pull up a chair and let’s delve into the family scrapbook. Related Read: Laying down the laptop laws

Let Me Introduce you
“Project RED” is short for ‘Revolutionizing Education’. The PDF report published on the Project that I’ll be referencing is from 2010, titled: ‘THE TECHNOLOGY FACTOR: Nine Keys to Student Achievement and Cost-Effectiveness’. Continue reading

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Common Core Aligned: Carson-Dellosa Publishing

“…to create just these kinds of tests—next-generation assessments aligned to the common core. When the tests are aligned to the common standards, the curriculum will line up as well—and that will unleash powerful market forces in the service of better teaching.” – Bill Gates, 2009 Speech To Natl. Conference of State Legislatures

The goal is to align everything so that students and the money have no where to go but Common Core.

Another company cashing in on Common Core. Carson-Dellosa Publishing operates right out of Greensboro, North Carolina. From their website, everything is aligned… even “Common Core Decor”?? The information below comes right off their site: Continue reading

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NC Ed Officials Pushing Rebrand Of #CommonCore

Fighters of the Common Core in North Carolina, be warned. Some state officials and education officials are promoting the idea of a rebrand. Two North Carolina education officials have made statements implying that the repeal/replace commission set up in the Common Core bill (SB 812) will just be going through the motions and ‘tweaking’ Common Core.

“I don’t anticipate a huge change in standards…I think there may just be some tweaking of the [Common Core] standards,” Markley noted in an interview Tuesday. – Port City Daily 7/23/14

*SNIP* Continue reading

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We Will Not Conform Event PostMortem

I’m back from Dallas! The adrenaline that was pumping through me while I was participating in Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform has worn off and wow, am I wiped out! I met some amazing people and many other ‘mom warriors’ out there fighting Common Core.

Those participating included Michelle Malkin, David Barton, Matt Kibbe, Dana Loesch, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, Kyle Olson, Katheen Jasper, Shane Vander Hart, Heather Crossin, Emmett McGroarty, Heidi Huber, Josh Breechan, Jenni White, Dr. Terrance Moore, Dr. Jay Spencer, Brian Glicklich, Becky Gerritson, and Ellen Wheeler.

What a whirlwind night it was. The event had five panels giving advice and sharing their experiences with fighting Common Core. My panel was Messaging and public relations with Brian Glicklich, Becky Gerritson and Ellen Wheeler. It was really motivating and inspiring to see what they had been doing and what strategies we had that were working and which ones were not. We’ve got an action plan that contains the best of the best from the night. Keep reading! Continue reading

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AFT Rides The Fence With Common Core

Over at Huffington Post, Randi Weingarten has an op-ed up. Weingarten rides the fence with this op-ed. It’s titled ‘Tuning in to Teachers’. I wonder when we’ll see one called ‘Tuning into Students’?

Here’s the excerpt I was concerned with; emphasis added:
The most intense debate concerned the Common Core State Standards . Teachers have been told that these are an essential building block to help all students be ready for college and career, yet stories of inadequate resources and preparation for teachers and students were as legion as they were heartbreaking. The anger over the emphasis on testing and the profit-seeking developers of tests and textbooks as well as other “edupreneurs” was evident and justified. Continue reading

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