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Core Supporters Crying In Their Talking Points As Teacher Support Crumbles

The support for the Common Core standards has been steadily taking a nose-dive for the better part of the year with the public and parents of school aged kids. Now teacher support of the standards has also dropped by 30% in just one year from 76% to 46% in the latest EducationNext poll.

If you want to read a really great explanation of the drop in teacher support that puts Fordham’s Mike Petrilli to shame with a long list including “lying”, “slander” and “shut up” , go read this article at Huffington Post: How the Common Core Lost Teacher Support . I won’t spoil it with a big excerpt, but here is one of my favorite portions under the section “backpedaling”:

“But the thing about CCSS implementation is that Core boosters got to do everything that they said they wanted to. So if the implementation messed things up that either means 1) they don’t know what they’re talking about or 2) the Core really are that bad.”

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CCSSO President Elect Atkinson Tips Her Common Core Hand?

NC State Superintendent and CCSSO President Elect, June Atkinson, went on local politicalAtkinsonPresElect show NC SPIN to talk about “the move away” from Common Core. In the interview, the same talking points are recycled yet again. It was far easier to do with a host practically feeding her lines — It was almost embarrassing to watch.

Narratives of the interview:

Disruption and constant change
Money we’ve already spent/cost (see my note below the full video clip)
Hey, haven’t we heard these same narratives recently? Yep.

Atkinson’s remarks about “faith” in the State Board of Education take on new meaning — Did Dr. Atkinson just tip her hand? It looks like it, read more…. Continue reading

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NC Public Schools Forum Continues To Carry Water For Common Core

Over at WSOCTV, there is an article titled “Parent’s, Teachers, frustrated by Common Core Stoppage”. Funny title, since no teacher is quoted in the article and the parent interviewed seems indifferent. But the parent, Elyse Dashew, isn’t your ordinary parent but an education activist who has run for school board before. It appears that the only people interviewed are those who have invested their time promoting the Common Core. If you want to see real parents thoughts, look through the comments on the article.

The article comes with a video which states ‘millions have been spent on Common Core’. Those millions? Race To The Top grant money. We can’t even be sure how much of it was spent on Common Core either, as State Superintendent Atkinson keeps changing her figures.

The WSOCTV article focuses on Keith Poston of NC Public Schools Forum, who dutifully continues to carry water for Common Core despite the repeal and sizable growing drop in support for the standards. NC Public Schools Forum is pretty much a who’s who of the Chamber of Commerce and mirrors many of the members of the Chamber’s pro-Core special project “Hire Standards”. NC Public Schools Forum is all in on Common Core.


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NY Ed Officials Used Common Core Math To Tally Opt Outs?

Some education officials in New York are blaming a ‘coding error’ in their database for the reason why they only reported that 1,925 students opted out of Common Core tied Math and English language exams this past Spring.

The real numbers? 26,949 skipped the Math. 22,656 skipped the English. That’s one heck of database coding error. Continue reading

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Nevada Pro Core Outfit Defines ‘Career and College Ready'; Deletes Tweet – TWICE

The other day on Twitter, @Nevada Ready responded to a tweet of mine. I went back to reply to @NevadaReady only to find their tweet was gone.

Wondering why @NevadaReady deleted this tweet? Maybe b/c def. they pt to is stil not defined?

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) August 16, 2014

I went to their link in their tweet, because I’ve seen tweets like this ‘disappear’ so I had emailed it to myself. In order to read @NevadaReady’s definition of “career and college ready”, I had to download a report. So I did.
Here is what it said: Continue reading

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