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State-Led Myth Nuked By Duncan Himself: Opt Out and Fed Will Have To ‘Step In’.

One of the most prevalent myths perpetuated by Common Core supporters is that Common Core was or is state-led.

Duncan State LedNational Review Online (NRO) picked up that myth and applied it to the Secretary of Education’s recent ‘threat’ to parents who are opting their kids out of the Common Core tests.

NRO also picked up on Duncan’s statements being translated into an attempt to mobilize minority communities to defend Common Core and the tests — because… Civil Rights, you racists. Continue reading

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The Common Core Weekend Reads – 4-25-15

These are the Common Core Weekend Reads for April 25, 2015.

This is a review of the past week of news on Common Core nationwide and in North Carolina.

Articles are organized by category. Continue reading

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Dear @TheBlaze and @GlennBeck, I Have a Scott Walker Question for You

Last July, I went to The Blaze studios to be a panel member of We Will Not Conform, a live Common Core event shown in movie theaters across the country.

Multiple aspects of Common Core were discussed, including political and election implications. For many citizens, especially parents fighting Common Core, being squishy on the topic is a deal breaker.

I have a question for Mr. Beck….

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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There are 203 Education Related Bills At The #NCGA (Updated)

Yesterday, I shared a list of about 30-40 education bills I had been tracking for various reasons. I asked readers to let me know if there were more out there I should list.

I should be more careful what I ask for.

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#WCPSS Proposed Budget: $1.4 Billion… Yes, Billion with a B.

In case you missed it, the Wake County Schools Superintendent is proposing a $1.4 BILLION dollar budget. This budget represents a 14% increase over last year’s budget — including raising per pupil spending.
Wake Schools continues their great track record of notifying the public of important events by holding a public hearing…. tonight.

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