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Lt. Governor Forest: Charter School Myths vs Facts [VIDEO] – #NCed

Another great video from Lt. Governor Dan Forest!

This one is on charter schools. I’m very glad he did this one, and he rightly addresses the assault on charter schools as coming from those defending the status quo.

I’ve said this same thing many times. There is some valid criticism of charter schools, however the majority of the push back comes in the form of protectionist rhetoric.

Such rhetoric’s ultimate landing point is that of impugning parents who are unsatisfied with their public school and want to choose for the best educational fit for their child.



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NC DPI’s Latest Bad Idea: Survey Kids About Their Teachers

The most recent State Board of Education meetings have been an exercise in what NOT to do for the Department of Public Education (DPI).

Behold, DPI’s latest bad idea: Surveying kids about their “perceptions” of their teachers.

File this under: WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Continue reading

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State Charter School Office Finally Gets A Director

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI)¬†announced that a selection for director of Public Charter Schools has been made. David Machado will serve as the new Director and that role begins July 1, 2016. Machaco currently is the head … Continue reading

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