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Another Controversial Lesson Used In Support of Common Core

A vocabulary lesson using passages about Islam is making the rounds in the news today. The root of it comes from a viral video posted on Facebook by Dianne Lynn Savage. This assignment was given out at Farmville Central High School in North Carolina.

FOX’s Todd Starnes already has an article up:

High School: Islamic vocabulary lesson part of Common Core standards | Fox News #stopcommoncore #nced #ncpol

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) December 20, 2014

From the FOX article, a Pitt County official gave a statement saying it met Common Core ELA standards. Emphasis below is mine:

A spokesman for Pitt County Schools defended the lesson – noting that it came from a state-adopted supplemental workbook and met the “Common Core standards for English Language Arts.”

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#SB812 And The Common Core Commission’s Task

Yesterday, Senator Tillman’s newsletter pressed the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) on their task of “writing new standards” and not just ‘tweaking’ and/or rehashing them. That’s what Senator Tillman has said for many months now about his bill.

Here’s what SB 812 says about the task of the ASRC, with emphasis added:

SECTION 2.(c) The Commission shall:

(1) Conduct a comprehensive review of all English Language Arts and Mathematics standards that were adopted by the State Board of Education under G.S. 115C‑12(9c) and propose modifications to ensure that those standards meet all of the following criteria:

a. Increase students’ level of academic achievement.

b. Meet and reflect North Carolina’s priorities.

c. Are age‑level and developmentally appropriate.

d. Are understandable to parents and teachers.

e. Are among the highest standards in the nation.

(2) As soon as practicable upon convening, and at any time prior to termination, recommend changes and modifications to these academic standards to the State Board of Education.

(3) Recommend to the State Board of Education assessments aligned to proposed changes and modifications that would also reduce the number of high‑stakes assessments administered to public schools.

(4) Consider the impact on educators, including the need for professional development, when making any of the recommendations required in this section.

The Commission shall assemble content experts to assist it in evaluating the rigor of academic standards. The Commission shall also involve interested stakeholders in this process and otherwise ensure that the process is transparent.

The “writing of new standards” is not among the charges of the ASRC. Making recommendations to the legislature is what they are supposed to do.

Spectators would do well to remember the difference noted above when it comes time for the ASRC to present its findings sometime next year.

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Sen. Tillman Presses Common Core Commission On Their Task

Senator Tillman is pressing the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) on their assigned task, “writing new standards” and not just ‘tweaking’ and renaming them. He also mentions the SBAC, which North Carolina HAS NOT withdrawn from despite the legislature choking off their funding. The SBAC is only one big issue. I would encourage Senator Tillman to get up to speed fast on DPI’s plans to renew our ESEA waiver which has implications for more rounds of Common Core.

See the excerpt from this newsletter below.

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My Letter To The NC Common Core Commission

At the beginning of December, I wrote to the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission. I wrote a separate note asking about their funding being granted, which is included in the response I received and of which I have published … Continue reading

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Orange County Schools Gives Burns $300k Contract

Burns signs $300k contract with Orange Cty Schools; perks included, $24,621 a month…But, #teacherpay, right @ncae?

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) December 18, 2014

Just wow. This guy is now the top paid educrat in the state. Meanwhile, the NCAE is engaged in choreographing theatrics at school board meetings. Theatrics that are only missing a violinist in the background and a crying child carrying an empty bowl asking, ‘please sir, may I have some more’. Small wonder their membership is dropping.

From the Chapel Hill News article:


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