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Kite Runner Update: Buncombe Ed Board Ignores Parental Rights

Parental Rights are increasingly under fire the Education System. See the update of one parent’s fight to engage in her child’s education in Buncombe county. Continue reading

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Chapel Hill Public Library To Host Panel On “Teaching Diversity to Children”

It’s Groundhog Day in Chapel Hill.

Publicly funded Chapel Hill Public Library will host a panel on “Teaching Diversity to Children” on July 8th featuring former Effland Cheek’s 3rd grade teacher, Omar Currie.

From the Chapel Hill Library website announcing the event:

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Former CMS Superintendent Lands In Cushy McGraw Hill Senior VP Position

Former CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison must be a cat. Less than a month after being forced to resign due to misconduct allegations, he lands a cushy “Senior VP’ position at McGraw Hill. Continue reading

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