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No Reply From Cox Mills High On “Town Hall”

It’s been four days since I reached out to Cox Mills High School’s assistant principal about the Town Hall/ Campaign event held there on Wednesday, April 16th. I have not received a reply to my email: Continue reading

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Common Core Public Relations 101

Uh oh, someone is bearing false witness again.

CC June False Witness
In response to a blog post I did over at about CCSSO President elect/NC State Superintendent Dr. Atkinson’s out of touch reply to a Tweet of mine, a parent copied and pasted a reply they received from Atkinson.

To sum it up, here’s the formula being used:

Tell the person everything they think is false, i.e., you’re a liar.
Use the debunked Common Core talking points to prove those claims are false.
Offer no proof you are right and they are wrong, just ask questions back that are false comparisons and red herrings.
Confuse people by pointing them to a website that has a such a non-specific search engine that it will keep them busy looking for what they asked for in their letter for the better part of a year. This will hopefully make them lose interest.
Declare victory.
This is Common Core Public Relations 101. Continue reading

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Onslow County GOP Calls For Resignation Of NC State Superintendent

Consequences of Common Core peddling coming home to roost? Oh dear, is Onslow GOP now bearing “false witness” too?

Via Onslow County GOP:



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Atkinson Accuses Common Core Opposition Of “Bearing False Witness”

This past Wednesday, an attempt at a town hall for “Friends of Education” was held at Cox Mills High School in Cabarrus County. In the previous article, I touched on the comments made by Dr. Atkinson and said I would follow-up with more in another article. This is that article. For more details read: Town Hall Or Campaign Event?

Here’s a brief summary to bring readers up to speed:

Citizens who attended reported to me that in addition to a 15 minute speech by NC State Superintendent Dr. Atkinson followed by a short question and answer session, the event was begun with a campaign speech by Democrat Earle Schecter. Mr. Schecter made claims directly attacking his opponent Rep. Larry Pittman. This political speech identifying and attacking his opponent arguably qualify this “town hall” a campaign event. The public was notified of this “town hall” in the local online paper the day before, yet Democrats in the area were aware as early as April 5th. No Republican candidates were present or invited.

I also gave a quick look at a few of the comments made by Dr. Atkinson. This is where we pick up. The Independent Tribune has an article up, but it misses quite a bit of what was reported to me by attendees and instead, goes mostly with the teacher pay issue. Read it here, I’ll be referencing it later on. Continue reading

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Town Hall Or Campaign Event?

Update: Welcome, Carolina Plott Hound Readers! On Wednesday evening at Cox Mills High School, there was a town hall meeting held. Or was it a Democrat campaign event? Hard to tell since it opened with a campaign speech yet closed … Continue reading

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