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NC Superintendent on #APUSH

An email exchange on the appalling changes to APUSH (AP U.S. History) was forwarded to me by NC Citizen Nancy Murdoch. With her permission I am publishing it on this blog.

Reminder: APUSH changes were driven by unqualified David Coleman — a Common Core architect.

Note Dr. Atkinson’s comment that the College Board is an outside entity and DPI has no control over it.

“The College Board develops and manages all AP courses, including AP U.S. History. Neither DPI nor the State Board of Education approve the standards or course implementation of outside organizations, including those of College Board. ”

That begs the question, why are we using this if we have no control over it and this new framework clearly undermines North Carolina’s history curriculum? What role do DPI and the State Board of Education play if not to vet and maintain quality education in North Carolina? Dr. Atkinson seems to be shrugging her shoulders here and that’s just as appalling as the changes to the APUSH framework.

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More Activism In NC Schools

More fliers and activism in North Carolina schools. This time it’s not an NCAE/Organize2020 protest flier that went home in the backpacks of our children. This time it is Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and a slanted flier about a proposed sales tax hike. Charlotte Observer has a write up here, which of course doesn’t ask questions about the validity of the content of the flier.

“CMS spokeswoman Kathryn Block told the Observer the document “was developed as an informational document only.”
– Charlotte Observer

Really? Who developed it and why is the informational document not providing where you drew your information from?

WBT-TV news story about illicit and inaccurate @charMeckSchools flyer passed out at South Meck football game by CMS.

— Bill James (@meckcommish) August 31, 2014

Char-Meck tweeted out to their over 15,000 followers this two-page flier.

Here’s more information about voting and how funds from the sales tax referendum, if approved, could be spent by CMS.

— CMS (@CharMeckSchools) August 30, 2014

While the intent to promote the school’s best interests is clear, what is also clear is the bias.

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“Buyers Remorse” On Common Core?

ABC has an AP article up called Buyers Remorse on Common Core for Policymakers. “Buyers Remorse” On Common Core? Years after adoption and after a slew of slick presentations and truckload of education buzzwords, the reality of Common Core is coming home to roost — but only after citizens stood up and made noise. Our policymakers were all to comfortable to just nod and pat each other on the backs over Common Core. There is the lesson learned here: don’t take your eyes and ears off the powers that be.

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Labor Day Holiday 2014

It’s Labor day. This is an obligatory Labor Day post where we’re supposed to thank Labor Unions for the day off.

Gallup: Americans Approve of Unions but Support “Right to Work” #Politics

— American Insights (@AmericanInsight) August 29, 2014

Let’s look at what else we’re thanking them for: Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt

This is a reposting of my weekly DaTechGuy article: The NC Common Core Rebrand Attempt

By A.P. Dillon

The repeal of Common Core from the North Carolina state statutes and the formation of a standards replacement commission as set out by Senate Bill 812 brought hope to the citizens who had been fighting Common Core. That hope was not without skepticism of a possible rebrand attempt, which has turned out to be justified by the comments made recently by North Carolina’s State Superintendent and Governor. Continue reading

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