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A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of Her current and past writing can also be found at Da Tech Guy Blog,, WatchdogWireNC and WizBang. Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Alamance Elections Board Sued Over Handling of Public Records Requests

Civitas has filed a lawsuit against the Alamance Elections Board over a public records request.

Press Release:

RALEIGH – The Civitas Institute has filed suit in Alamance County Superior Court challenging the legality of the Alamance County Board of Election’s public records policy. In the 12-page complaint, Civitas asks the Court to clarify several areas of North Carolina public records law, including what actions by a state agency constitute a denial of a public records request, whether requestors of public records may be required to physically inspect records before receiving copies, and to what extent a records custodian may delegate away his or her statutory duty to provide the public with access to records.

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Consolidation of Ed Data Continues With McCrory Proposal To Move DNPE

The Governor’s new budget proposes to move the Department of Non-Public Schools under his office’s purview.

All your kids are belong to us, @PatMcCroryNC? #nced #ncgov “Budget proposes moving DNPE into Governor’s Office”

— LL1885 – A.P. Dillon (@LadyLiberty1885) March 26, 2015

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Parents, Have You Read #SB346?

Earlier today, I wrote about the proposed changes to required Health Assessments for students in North Carolina. This article is related — it is about SB 346 (Enact Stricter Immunization Requirements). This bill has worrisome changes to current statutes regarding vaccinations for students in North Carolina.

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Invasive Student Health Assessment Bill Already In #NCGA Senate

Two bills are flying through the NC General Assembly unchallenged right now. One is a vaccination bill, which I’ll write about later today. The other is HB 13, titled, Amend School Health Assessment Requirement.

I wrote about this bill once before and given the speed with which this bad bill is flying through the General Assembly, I find the need to write about it again. Yesterday, it passed the first reading in the Senate and was referred to the Rules committee.

Let me stress this point: The health assessment document being mentioned in this bill is incredibly invasive. It includes medical data that is none of the school system or state’s business — it is information that should be between your family and your doctor.


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“Great Leaders” Bill Is Just BEST NC’s “Vision”.

“Editor’s Note: BEST NC is a supporter of EdNC.”

The PR machine for SAS’s BEST NC has cranked out another article out tied to the “Vision 2020″ recommendations (see pages 17-20).


“The bill is titled, “Great Leaders for Great Schools/Study,” and the primary sponsors are Democrats Rep. Tricia Ann Cotham and Rep. Cecil Brockman, and Republican Rep. Craig Horn.

Cotham said she came to the General Assembly as one of its only licensed principals, and she says North Carolina faces a crisis.”

Note the use of the the term ‘crisis’.

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