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I'm a Conservative minded mother and wife living in the Triangle area of NC. I began writing in 2009 via my LadyLiberty1885 blog. My writing can also be found at DaTechGuy,, TheConMom and at WizBang, among others. I participated in Glenn Beck's Common Core Call to Action, "We Will Not Conform" at the PR/Messaging table in July, 2014. I also write science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished and dabble in other genres from time to time.

Campaign Signs In #NC16 Swiped

Yesterday I received word of Republican candidate signs for the Wake County Commissioners race being swiped.

Today, I was sent a note from NC16, where Molotov Mitchel is taking on Senator Josh Stein. A banner of Mitchell’s was allegedly stolen off a fence somewhere in District 16. See the email snippet at the bottom of the article.

Frankly, in NC 16 there should be no contest here.

Senator Stein has made his support of the deeply flawed and experimental Common Core crystal clear over the last year. He ignored the testimony of over 40 parents and educators and instead, ran with the prepared talking points from the Chamber of Commerce.

Parents should know I’ve witnessed first hand that Stein no interest in your children or high standards, he’s more concerned with smooth talking points — oh, and implying you’re a racist if you don’t support Common Core. Flashback to May, 2014:


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‘Our Schools First’ Mailers Feature Kids With Bond Vote Signs

The use of kids as political props is revolting, yet here we have Our Schools First doing it yet again. See below. The flip side of this mailer can be viewed here.


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You Know It’s Election Season When Campaign Signs Are Swiped

You Know It’s Election Season When Campaign Signs Are Swiped.

Multiple reports from Holly Springs, Cary, Apex and Morrisville have been coming into my inbox this morning with claims that GOP candidate signs for the Wake County Commissioners race have disappeared over the last few days.

Meanwhile, the Democrat candidate signs remain in place.

Note to the Democrat “More at Four” candidates and their supporters: This is a class 3 misdemeanor. Continue reading

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10-20-14 NC Common Core Commission Meeting

This is a live blog of the October 20th NC Common Core Commission meeting. This is their second meeting. Updates will be most recent at the top. Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood, Blueprint NC Partner Send Out Pricey Fliers To Teen Males

Three glossy, 3 page front and back color fliers were sent to their son. Three from Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund and three the non-profit behind Aim Higher NC, North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools. Anyone who knows printing costs knows these fliers were not cheap.

Related Read: Progress NC’s “AIM HIGHER” Using Emails To Push Candidates

I’ve scanned the backside of one from each group. See below.


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