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A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ review, Da Tech Guy Blog, Heartland Institute and Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Gates Backed Hope Street Group Push Agenda Using Wake Taxpayer Resources

Below is an email sent to me by a teacher unamused at the Bill Gates backed ‘education non-profit’ using Wake county official email to push their non-profit’s agenda items.

Gee, sounds familiar.

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Wallet Hub Ranking More of a Wallet Flub

As I mentioned in an earlier article, ‘Wallet Hub’ has produced its second education related ranking list. The first Wallet Hub ranking list came out last year and was full of holes, this one is no different. Continue reading

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KEA Pilot Cost: $511,360

The Kindergarten Entry Assessment pilot conducted in half of North Carolina’s elementary schools in the 2014-15 school year apparently cost $511,360.

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