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A.P. Dillon resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina and is the founder of Her current and past writing can also be found at IJ review, Da Tech Guy Blog, Heartland Institute and Her current writing project is a children’s book series.

Mother of Jonathan Ferrell: AG Roy Cooper Doesn’t Care About My Son [VIDEO]

Last week, the trial of Officer Randall Kerrick involving the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell ended.

A mistrial was declared and NC Attorney General Roy Cooper announced there would be no re-trial.
That set off a firestorm of criticisms of AG Cooper from the Moral Monday leader and the mother of Jonathan Ferrell.

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Pearson Is Everywhere: PARCC Contract Stays Alive In New Mexico

Welcome back to Pearson is Everywhere.

Today, we have an update on the lawsuit filed by American Institutes for Research (AIR) against New Mexico that claimed there was bid rigging involved with the award of the Common Core testing contract to Pearson. Continue reading

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#SJW Gene Nichol’s Latest “Education” Op Ed

Gene Nichol never ceases to amaze me with his works of education fiction.

The touchy-feely emotion invoking way in which this latest Nichol endeavor is written gives permission to the reader to ignore who he is and what the facts really are.

Liberal Op Ed writing 101 is now in session with this flaming piece of spin is titled, “NC Teachers being ‘voluntarily’ exploited”. Continue reading

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