5 Occupy Monday Arrestees Have Prior Records

UPDATE: Welcome Carolina Plott Hound Readers!

The first “Moral Monday” saw  some arrests and Carolina Plott Hound  pointed out two of them had prior criminal records.  Plott Hound had found information on “Minister” Rubye Harris with “Assault (2012), larceny, credit card fraud“, and Tyrek Pierce with “Robbery, larceny, false imprisonment“.

Not a single media outlet has reported this beyond New Media like this blog and Carolina Plott Hound.  I’m in receipt of information on three more, making for a total of five “Moral Monday” arrestees with prior criminal records. Some of these records contain felonies and include assault. Nice “Moral” Flock you have there, Reverend Barber.

Here are all five:

Norman Clark – Possessing Stolen Goods

Rubye Harris – Assault, Larceny, Financial Card Fraud

Jason McCullen – Misdemeanor Breaking and Entering

Meyshon Payton – Resisting Officer, Larceny, Disorderly Conduct, Misdemeanor Breaking & Entering

Tyrek Pierce – Felony Larceny, False Imprisonment, Felony Robbery (3 charges)


The full arrestees list:

  • Rev. Julie Peeples
  • Minister Rubye Harris
  • Meyshon Payton
  • Jesseia Jackson
  • Crystal Prize
  • Randolph Perry
  • Norma Clark
  • Norman Clark
  • Jason McCullen
  • Tyrek Pierce
  • Rev. Dick Weston Jones
  • Stella Adams
  • Fay Daniel
  • Rev. C. Anthony Jones


Last night, instead of arrests the protesters were given citations. This will make finding out who else has a record more difficult. I am sure we can count on our local media to do an investigation.

Yes, that was sarcasm.

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