Wake County District Attorney Candidate (Updated)

I noticed I had a new follower on Twitter today. Jefferson Griffin. We’ve got a new DA Candidate for Wake County, folks.

Website: JeffersonGriffin.com

Bio Link: http://www.jeffersongriffin.com/JeffersonGriffinBio.pdf

Quick excerpt related to Wake County:

Jefferson returned to Wake County in 2010 when he was hired by District Attorney Colon Willoughby to be a prosecutor. Here in Wake County, Jefferson has prosecuted traffic matters,driving while impaired cases, armed robberies and kidnappings, domestic violence, and homicides. 

Griffin is already out and about campaigning:


Related news:

UPDATE: Apparently, being interested in a candidate that followed me was unacceptable.
Other candidates appear to be: Bob Zellinger, Jeff Cruden and Allen Swaim.

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2 Responses to Wake County District Attorney Candidate (Updated)

  1. Eric Dailey says:

    What? There are FOUR GOP candidates for Wake DA.
    The ballots are published. Everyone can now do voter look up at the Wake Board Elections and search their name and see their “sample ballot” for the upcoming election May 6th. All candidates filled by Feb. 28 2014. Is your post an endorsement?
    Breaking News: Willoughby is resigning and will be replaced by appointment of Gov. Pat soon.

    I love your work. Thanks.

    • Hi there,
      Yes, I know there are 4. I’ve been tied up with Common Core and Ed writing lately. I noted Mr. Griffin followed me, so I looked at who is was and decided to drop a piece on it. I’ll put an update or follow up in with the other candidates as well.
      I got the Willoughby bit in a tweet at the bottom of the article. Interesting timing I think.

      Thanks for coming by!

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