Mayor Mary McAngus Resigns. No One Reports Party Affiliation.

A tag team effort by Con Mom, including yours truly:

Media Malpractice: Mayor of Pomeroy resigns after gay slur, media leaves off party affiliation.

I include the above article at The Blaze in that malpractice. They blew this off too.

Laziness, incompetence or malice? LL1885 did a quick look up of the MEIGS COUNTY board of elections voter list using all three Pomeroy districts and found Mary McAngus pretty quick. She’s a registered Democrat. Go look it up yourself. If it’s laziness, you can find it here.

McAngus did the right thing in resigning. Her comments were pathetic.

Indeed. Very pathetic. What should matter is if he is competent not what he does in the bedroom.

I started calling it out on Twitter:

One journalist got back to me. I was glad to hear from her:

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2 Responses to Mayor Mary McAngus Resigns. No One Reports Party Affiliation.

  1. Liberal Democrat in Texas: Thanks for the info. Amazing how many articles I had to read, while searching for her party affiliation, before I found yours. Perhaps there is something to this media conspiracy after all. ;) Thank again.

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