LL1885 Blog Is A Winner!!! Zilla Awards 2012!

I am honored and humbled to be chosen for a 2012 Zilla Award for the second year in a row. What amazing company I am in! Thank you, Zilla. You’re in inspiration to me and so many others.

Best All-Around Blogging: Maggie’s Notebook, iOwnTheWorld, The Lonely Conservative, Doug Ross, Nice Deb, The Other McCain, Pundit & Pundette, lgstarr, DaTechGuy, The Camp of the Saints, Moonbattery, Sister Toldjah, Obi’s Sister, EBL, Lady Liberty 1885, and, Gateway Pundit

I also see the new venture I am involved with, TheConMom, has won for best new blog. YES!!   Hit the link and see who else won awards: Welcome to the Second Annual Zilla Awards for Awesomeness in the Dextrosphere!


About ladyliberty1885

I'm a Conservative minded mother and wife living in the Triangle area of NC. I began writing in 2009 via my LadyLiberty1885 blog. My writing can also be found at DaTechGuy, StopCommonCoreNC.org, TheConMom and at WizBang, among others. I participated in Glenn Beck's Common Core Call to Action, "We Will Not Conform" at the PR/Messaging table in July, 2014. I also write science fiction novellas that are, as of yet, unpublished and dabble in other genres from time to time.
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3 Responses to LL1885 Blog Is A Winner!!! Zilla Awards 2012!

  1. Nobody is better at digging up all the crazy connections between various leftist goon networks than you. Your research skills are the bestiest and it is a thing of beauty to behold when you go on a tear against the loony left and their jihadi pals. I’m glad that I could honor your hard work in my own small way.

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