White House Responds to CBS Email Dump

The White House has responded to the bombshell email dump revealing the White House knew about the attack on Benghazi being a coordinated terrorist assault as early as 2 hours into the assault but likely earlier.  Their response went something like this:

Step one: *Insert fingers into ears*

Step two: Yell, “LA LA LA LA!!! We Can’t hear you! LA LA LA LA!

Step three: repeat over and over no matter what evidence is blowing your lies out of the water.

This administration is up to its eyeballs in lies.
Let me repeat what this White house just said:

White House officials maintained that the emails don’t contradict what the White House believed at that point, based on the intelligence community’s assessment of the attack. – Jake Tapper ABC News

Now let’s review what Jay Carney said on September 19th:

Flashback to 2011:

I’m sure I can find video of today’s press briefing and when I do I will post it here.

Stay tuned.

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