Equalization of Opportunity Bill Proposed…

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September 29, 2012

I WOULD RATHER WE JUST ABOLISHED COPYRIGHT ENTIRELY THAN ENGAGE IN THIS TRAVESTY: “Reminiscent of buggy whip manufacturers taking legal action against auto makers, the former U.S. Register of Copyrights, Ralph Oman, has given an amicus brief in the Aereo case (PDF) stating that all new content-delivery technology should be presumed illegal unless and until it is approved by Congress. He adds that providers of new technology should be forced to apply to Congress to prove they don’t upset existing business models.”

My first reaction contained profanity. This blog post is my second reaction.

‘Dear Ralph Oman, or should I call you Wesley Mouch? Atlas Shrugged was a cautionary tale, not a how-to book. The idea that Congress should be in charge of our television providers and the content therein, in what you deem from your brief to be in the interest of fairness, is insane. This is the anti-dog-eat-dog rule come to life.

As Professor Reynolds would say, “TAR. FEATHERS.” I’d add running you out of town to that.

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