New Strategy Confirmed

What did I tell you about Slick Willy’s speech? I said that Clinton tipped us off on how Obama would campaign:

1. He tipped us off on the mode of attack for the next 60 days.

Obama’s going to actually run against Congress more than Romney. Nearly all of Obama’s attacks on Romney have boomeranged back at him. Obama needs a bad guy. Why not the only people with lower approval ratings than himself? Obama will paint them as utterly inflexible and that Romney/Ryan will be more of the same.  The stress Clinton put on his attack on Congress was a dog whistle to his party faithful; concentrate on keeping the Senate and trying to retake the House – forget the Oval.  Clinton also cleverly contrasted Obama and Romney by attacking Congress and their ‘lack of cooperation’. I think Clinton knows it’s amateur hour with Obama who’s flexibility can be summarized with “I won”, whereas Romney has proven on multiple stages how he works well with others to get things done.  Subtle and slick.

Then I see this today:

“I don’t think the president is running against Congress,” he said. “The president is running against a Republican do-nothing Congress that tried to stop and thwart everything that he tried to do.” (Source: Roll Call)

I told you so.  I welcome this line of attack, since Obama seems to forget his party held a majority in House until 2010.

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