Chicago Warzone Update: 6 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence

The Death Toll In Chicago Is 286

Between Friday and Sunday morning, 6 people were killed and 30 wounded as the violence continues in the Chicago streets according to the Chicago Sun -Times.  Most of the wounded were in their teens and early 20’s.

The list of the dead:

Richard Johnson – 22

Derrick Baker – 18

Jason Smith – 28

Taylor Diorio – 17

Alonzo Powell – 18

Anthony Carter – 36
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his sketchy Police Chief, Garry McCarthy, have proven themselves inept in handling the violence in Chicago. Emanuel would rather quibble about chicken sandwich shops, defend Obama‘s response to the violence and chat with dangerous racist, anti-Semite homophobes like Farrakhan.

The Feds are now moving in to quell the violence.


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