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Indeed. I’m feeling the same way at this point.

I’ve been watching the main stream media play with their polling numbers for quite some time now, but even they cannot stop the inevitable slide of the President. He has nothing to run on which is why we are hearing about racism, contraception, wars on women and dogs being both eaten and riding in carriers on top of cars.

Obama has nothing else.

Some recent polls and their headlines:

Pew poll: Obama 49, Romney 45

CBS/NYT poll shows dead heat between Obama, Romney at 46%

Axelrod: Gallup poll has ‘methodological problems’(Gallup Poll Here)

I find that last one rather funny since it was ABC/WaPo’s poll that messed with the sample so badly. Related to that mess, I’ve noted that the media is desperately trying to make it seem as though Romney is struggling with women via headlines like this:

Romney Solidifies GOP Position but Obama Gets Boost From Women

Headlines like those received solid debunking of course, and conflicts with trends in other recent polls.

It’s worth noting that as of today, April 18th, Rasmussen reports this:

In a hypothetical Election 2012 matchup, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney earns 47% of the vote, while President Obama attracts support from 43%.

I wonder what methodological problems Axelrod will have with that.

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