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Where Is The DOJ On The New Black Panthers ‘$10k Bounty’?


In Obama’s America, you can put a bounty on the head of a citizen and not be touched apparently.

Image: AllVoices.com

I’ve already made my comparison as to what continued escalation of this situation may yield. I’m fairly sure that offering a bounty on a citizen is illegal, no?  So where is the DOJ? Employing some Critical Race Theory are we, Holder? To me, this isn’t just the DOJ looking the other way. It’s an endorsement of the race baiting done by the President in his remarks.

The President directly identified with the deceased boy – never let a good crisis go to waste. Better let his comments breathe a bit more so that the media can jump to more conclusions and circulate baby photos of Martin, who allegedly stood 6’3″ to Zimmerman’s 5’9″. Accounts now having Martin beating on Zimmerman, not the other way around.

UPDATE:  I’m not the only one asking this question.

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