Wegmans Pulls Ads Featuring Baldwin

Anyone who has lived in Upstate NY knows Wegmans. It is a near religious experience to shop in their stores. Everything you can imagine is at your fingertips. Those of us who have moved away still yearn for the grocery store and in Citizen Kane style,  it is certain one of the last things on some of our lips as we depart this world will be a whispered, “Wegmans”.

The Baldwin boys mother and sister landed in upstate NY for a while – Syracuse to be exact. They opened a tea room in one of the suburbs at one point in the 90’s I believe and of course, they were also taken with Wegmans. Alec even started doing some of their ads.

Well… things change. Baldwin’s recent behavior has not gone unnoticed.

Rochester based Wegmans has finally figured out what a selfish, rude little pig Alec Baldwin is.

“We enjoyed working with Mr. Baldwin, but under the circumstances, we thought it best to discontinue the ads,” Natale said.”

Wonder if Capital One will be next.

Update: Change.org has organized an online petition to ask Wegmans to re-instate Baldwin. Good luck with that.

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