Mad Libs – Part IV

Part IV

My on-going chronicle of links for the #occupy madness going on across the nation.  This set of links covers the week of October 30th through November 5th with some time frame overlap from my first post of OWS links: Mad Libs, Mad Libs Part II, Mad Libs Part III

The Manifesto: Manifesto | Occupy Wall Street | Protests | The Daily Caller

My Video Playlist: OccupyWhateverStreet-This is what Democrazy Looks like

Great Tracking sites:  OWS EXPOSED 

This Is What Democrazy Looks Like


Articles about or related to #OWS

Children at OWS: An Increasingly Disturbing Situation:

Arrest Count & Crime:


Going Global (It already was, but who’s counting?)

Hilarity Ensues

Lord Of The Flies & 99%, 1% Other Memes

The Unions, DNC, Obama & Other Attempts to Co-opt OWS

1% Hollywood, Celebs, Media and  Endorsements

Capitalism at #OWS

The Occupied Cities









#Fort Collins


#Kansas City





Mayor Quan – Occupier

The Violence

The Strike



#San Dieg0

#Santa Rosa





Crime, Assaults, Rape, Arrests


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