SOTU II: Re-Election Boogaloo

Tonight is the 2nd State of the Union Address (SOTU) given by President Obama.

I'm King of the World!

I am certain we will be treated to a somber opening where he will talk about how hard he worked to bring us no jobs but plenty for China, sustained high levels of unemployment with people losing their houses at a conservative estimated rate of one in five; the highest in history. He’ll of course address how he helped perpetuate a new level of rancor between parties, unprecedented incivility and silence from his office on it until the right moment to capitalize on it. No crisis should be wasted so why say anything sooner when you can heal a nation while riding a wave of baseless attacks at a memorial service that has nothing to do with it.

Branding with Blood... Libel?

No doubts here he will have to talk about how well the BP Oil spill highlighted his amazing community organizer skills and tired him out so badly that he needed two vacations during the disaster. Golf sure helps one to concentrate.

Shhh just one more round...

He’ll talk about how he made us look like a weakling nation and spent trillions in bailouts that will be re-invested abroad to make his green dreams come true. No one seems to care about the billions he’s sent to palestine, the ruining of our Israel relations or the weapons he’s sent to Saudi Arabia, so why mention that at all. He’ll tell us how he has put lobbyists in positions of unprecedented, unelected power and how his crown jewel achievement, Obamacare, is doing so well over 200 companies and groups now have waivers exempting them from it.  He’ll tell us how he gave three more just recently to his pals at the SEIU. What a hit it’s been. So much so that he barely will have to talk about how he’s almost single-handedly destroyed our economy and helped drop us into ninth place worldwide.

I always reward my friends and punish my enemies!

I am certain he will tout how well the Department of Justice handled Pigford, The New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation case that never existed but will deny taking credit for a sting of the Mafia; an investigation initiated under the Bush Administration and just came to a close under his watch. Of course, he has to also make sure we all know how hard he and his administration have worked to keep us safe from terror.We have the TSA patting and scanning everything that moves and nothing that doesn’t now. Have no fear Janet ‘I can’t secure a box of Ho-Ho’s’ Napolitano is here! No shoe bombers, underwear bombers, cartridge bombers, Times Square car bombers, Christmas tree bombers or attempted metro suicide bombers for us! No sir! Just a lot of close calls.

Hold still son, I need to touch your junk.

By this point, he will practically proselytizing as if he were trying to channel JFK or MLK or any LK for that matter. Cheers will come from pockets of Democrats around the gallery who are not sitting in a group due to non-partisan seating assignments. I do wonder if they will have t-shirt and banners to brand this event as well? Afterall, Together We Thrive. Perhaps some of them will be down front since I don’t think the Supreme Court will be attending this one given the disrespect shown them last time. From there I am certain he will wrap up with how well the Democrats did in the November 2010 election both in Washington and in State legislatures around the country. Then will come the rallying cries to the voters and perhaps we’ll see Pelosi look like a deer in the headlights again as Obama neatly will throw her under the bus. He surely will include a tidbit on how his staff thinks he connects with voters so well. This SOTU address is sure to help him connect with millions more who undoubtedly will be super-impressed with his achievements so far. So impressed, that I predict he only will have to give to more SOTU addresses. Ever.

Liar In Chief

Remember, Together, We Thrive!!!

OBAMA 2012!


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